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Joy-Toilet Announces Alpha Release of Triple X Tycoon

It’s quite likely that you’ve played a Tycoon game, maybe even recently. There are a wide range of Tycoon games, the arguable grandfather being Sim City.

Sim City 4 is still highly regarded as one of the best city building games known to man, with new titles like Cities Skylines following hot on its heels, not giving up the prize just yet. Sim City spawned off a plethora of similar games, and in particular the well-known Tycoon style games that are the topic today. Rollercoaster Tycoon, most famously, allowed you to build an entire theme park that you could run or ruin. There hasn’t however, really been a sex-themed Tycoon series before, at least not any that were notable. Attempts were certainly made, but never really got very far before falling from grace.

Joy-Toilet, the creators of the new Triple X Tycoon, are planning to do things differently. After almost a year in development, Joy-Toilet announced today that their game has reached the important initial Alpha phase. The developers say that this classification brings major improvements, both to the game’s overall scope and to the user-interface, and are still surprised they’ve come to this stage. Lead developer Christian “Doop” LeJohn said, “it’s hard to believe that we started making this game as a quick experiment to divert our attention for three months at best.” Around 11 months ago, Triple X Tycoon was still a spreadsheet game on a good day. However, the developers stuck with the project, moving from text-based to graphical UIs, pixelated appendages, camera savvy goblins and clowns who eat performers that are slacking.

Triple X Tycoon has been through the roads that many a developer travel now, in that it took to crowdfunding to find investment. Joy-Toilet found themselves on IndieGoGo, (the other, other crowdfunding site) raising 34% more than their initial goal. This wasn’t the first time that Joy-Toilet attempted to crowdfund, with one previous unsuccessful attempt on the adult site OffBeatr. Lejohn made further statements on the game, stating that while “lately there’s been a trend toward rushing to get a game released for Early Access, we won’t be doing that.” The bane of many gamers, Early Access allows developers to put games on Steam in an unfinished “beta test” state, while still charging. In its defence, the price for the game is usually cheaper than the final product, allowing players to enjoy the (usually buggy) experience early, helping the developers both with funding and testing. “We want to focus on the end goal, not patches,” said Lejohn.

Joy-Toilet themselves are an adult division of Outhouz Inc. The studio is comprised of a group of rag-tag introverts, working together to create their dream of a sex Tycoon game. The game itself is similar to other Tycoon series, like Rollercoaster or City, in that you are given a simulation to found and grow a porn studio in the adult entertainment industry. Players will have to negotiate problems, such as the fall of the VHS tape, their competition which can be sabotaged, and their own studios to ensure that things go smoothly. From dinky motels to modern studios, from your home bedroom to a grand mansion, from VHS to VR, the choice is yours. You can visit the website of Joy-Toilet here, and you can check out this almost surrealist dev blog below.

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