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Sakura Beach 2, the game by well-known Sekai Project, has been added to Steam’s Greenlight service.

Greenlight, as most people know, is the system that allows creators to publish their games on the service through fan involvement. The creators of Sakura Beach 2  have also developed titles like Sakura Spirit, Sakura Angels and the popular Sakura Fantasy. These games have enjoyed releases on both MangaGamer and Steam in the past, with each being aimed at the English speaking market as well as their native Japan. We’ve written about other games in the series before, which have achieved success in their previous endeavours.

Sakura Beach 2  itself is a sequel to the well-received Sakura Beach, which maintains a “mostly positive” standing on Steam (78%). Much like other Sakura titles, Sakura Beach 2  is a visual novel dating sim that follows main character Seiji as he revisits the beach, hoping to reunite with his childhood friends. Things don’t go to plan however, as another girl whose “love of space rivals his own” is set to cause an upset on his peaceful trip.

The Sakura games normally retail for around $9.99, and are available on Steam and MangaGamer now. You can find the Sakura Beach 2  page here if you would like to vote.

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