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[UPDATE]: Sekai Project to Publish Yuri Visual Novel Starlight Vega

Visual novel publisher Sekai Project has announced that they are getting behind the release of the yuri themed VN Starlight Vega.

Starlight Vega has caught the public’s attention with their successful Kickstarter campaign, which is currently breaking further stretch goals. Sekai Project has also announced they will help to publish the title when it finally releases.

[UPDATE] Starlight Vega has successfully been funded and gathered a total sum of $22,264 in support. With the campaign’s end, the developers have promised more updates on the game’s development through the Kickstarter page. [/UPDATE]

Starlight Vega is a fantasy and comedy interactive story, which focuses on budding romantic relationships between the game’s three main female leads Aria, Melody, and the demoness Lyria. You can find the game’s Kickstarter story synopsis as well as a short animated trailer below.

The first night exploring the upstairs study in her grandfather’s old house, Aria accidentally frees a flirtatious demon girl named Lyria, who spent the past 50 years in a stone. The two become attached via a “Lifestone”, which means Aria can’t go far from Lyria, and vice versa. This gets quite awkward when Aria tries to go about (what’s left of) her daily life.

To complicate things, the book she and her friend Melody also found that night seems to have ancient magic. Melody offers to see if the book can separate the link, however it isn’t exactly in English, and the demon girl isn’t keen on helping. Lyria’s smart-mouthed servant, Sid, soon shows up, apparently having been searching for his Master in the human realm. Aria begrudgingly agrees to let the duo stay in her home.

Will Aria get caught up in Lyria’s flirtatious behavior… or wonder if she has an ulterior motive? Will she stay friends with Melody or become something more?

Other than sensual girlXgirl romance routes, Razzart Visual has declared the game will feature six potential endings, full-color CGs, a plethora of expressions for the in-game character sprites, an original soundtrack, and an in-game CG art gallery. Other features such as the inclusion of more musical tracks will also be added to the game once it reaches a set amount of funding on Kickstarter.

Starlight Vega has also found its way on Steam Greenlight. As the voting process is currently ongoing, you can always swoop in and show your support for the title by casting a vote.

The developer has also prepared a short demo (available for the PC, Mac, and Linux) from the game’s alpha version, which you can find on Razzart Visual’s official page.

As the title is still being funded on Kickstarter, we can’t expect anything to be known about the release date just yet. As more information surfaces, we will be sure to keep you updated.

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