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Sexy Beach Premium Resort Releases Today

Summer lovin’ fun. Sexy Beach Premium Resort releases today in Japan.

Sexy Beach Premium Resort releases today on the 11th of September. The game is advertised as a major overhaul to the Sexy Beach series with features revamped across the board.

This installment will be set in an open world where players can freely roam and explore as they wish. It will also have the most girls in the series thus far with 11 plus an additional 3 sub-characters, and in addition to that, there will be a character customization feature for you to create your very own girls. A notable improvement within this feature from past Illusion games is that more pieces of clothing can be swapped independently, making it possible to mix and match tops and bottoms for more varied outfits. Body textures have also been improved, and to really make the girls feel life-like, Illusion has made use of motion capturing for realistic movements.

Sexy Beach‘s iconic oil massages make its return along with some upgrades. You can now rub more than just oil onto the girls with different effects depending on the item you choose and their reactions will vary depending on where you rub them. Custom characters will also be fully compatible with this feature no matter the body shape. So whether you’re into petite girls or chubby ones, you’ll be able to rub them all you want.

H-scenes can now take place any time, anywhere and have adopted a seamless quality to them, allowing positions to change in real time. Various other H activities are also available such as wooden horses and peeping just to name a few, but erotic activities won’t be the only things you’ll be doing on the island resort. Beach Flags, Watergun Fights, Fighting, and Hotel Management are amongst some of the minigames that you can participate in during your endless summer there.

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Those who are interested in buying this game internationally, have a look over here at AmiAmi.

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