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Go Ahead and Grab, Boobie Grabbing VR

VR Boob Groping Simulator Still In The Works!

Virtual reality gaming is closer now than it has ever been before, thanks to the advent of the Oculus Rift system. As such and given that said technology has ultimately had a singular destiny above all others, this immersive, innovative interface has now found its way into the adult world through the creation of the “Boobie Grabbing Simulator.” Crafted in 2014 by a creative young otaku known presently only as Ryuto, the “boobie grabbing simulator” is (at the moment at least,) a homespun gaming rig combining an Oculus Rift headset, an arduino board, a Leapmotion pressure sensor and a lewd mouse cushion.

It is hard to imagine a world in which the burgeoning platforms of sensory response technology and virtual reality did not become porn immersion tools to further the lewd and lurid fantasies of those to whom many sexual desires may be out of reach. To be sure, many a geek, gamer or sci-fi fan, upon first seeing the development of VR (either throughout the 1990s or more modernly,) has likely imagined the day when by way of simply dawning the right interface devices, any number of erotic digital encounters could be possible. As we within the digital age continue to approach such a time, the creation of toys such as this can only be seen as a sign of the unstoppable march which adult entertainment is making into the world of games and gaming.

Despite many critics’ predictable howling over the perceived perversion of the new era VR technology, many within the tech, gaming and adult entertainment industries are already recognizing the massive market potential such possesses. Though such is likely obvious to most anyone, there has been no immediate mention or reference to broader commercialization as of yet.

Presently, this prototype groping simulation has yet to defy the necessity for a real world cushion to offer the user (in this case, Ryuto and what few copycats who may have created their own rigs at home,) a fully digital, tactile experience, without the analogue material companion. Yet as with most innovations of this variety, the absence of such a real world artifice will likely be seen more as a simple challenge to overcome, as opposed to the insurmountable hurtle that many claimed VR gaming itself faced, just twenty years ago.

As with all things in both porn and gaming, the potential for this variety of lewd power glove technology faces only the limitations of innovation and imagination as the lewd gaming market expands to newer and greater heights.

h/t: Geekbinge (2014)

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