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Fuwanovel Discontinues Torrent Hosting

Fuwanovel, a resource site for Japanese visual novels recently announced that as a part of their move to a new server, they will be making some rather significant changes to the way their site operates. The most significant being they will cease any and all hosting of visual novel torrents. This change is a direct result of the current admins anti-piracy stance, as confirmed by this post on the r/visualnovels subreddit.

“Yes, torrents and piracy are being phased out during a two-part move to a new domain. There’s a lot of ill will towards the site out there, which I understand, but all I can control is how the site moves forward. My goal is good-will gestures, especially towards small devs which could benefit from our large social media presence and blog traffic, and long-overdue discussions with TL groups – most especially those whose torrents were put on the site.”

“I’ve been anti-piracy in my personal life for years, especially in the realm of visual novels where the margins are so close for each release. And I really do mean anti-piracy. To the point where I joined the exclusive club of people who actually purchased and paid for photoshop (there are like, four of us). The irony that I was the guy running Fuwa (a site which was sufficiently blacklisted that I can’t even use its full name without risking auto-mod death) (I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, so actually I won’t lie that it’s kind of cool to be the boss of “the-site-which-must-not-be-mentioned : P) is not lost on me.”

This change in direction for the site will come as a blow to many fans who found Fuwanovel to be a quick and easy index to acquire visual novels through. The decision to remove illegal access to copyrighted material, while disappointing to many users, will help ensure the site stays active and avoids any related legal issues.Source:

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