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Auril 3D Works: Whorecraft Updates

It’s been a little while since we at Lewdgamer checked back in with Auril and her development of Whorecraft. There’s been quite a few changes, and we felt there was enough meat present to let everyone know her latest developments.

Firstly, announced via Auril’s blog on April 14 was the much-anticipated Episode 1 remake demo, now rebuilt using glorious Unreal Engine 4. The demo was available on the Chronicles of Alexstrasza forum, but has since been replaced with the full remake. It requires a download of eight individual .rar files, best extracted using 7zip. The remake of Whorecraft: Episode 1 was made available to  donators on June 10, along with the return of Captain Black on June 15.

After working ceaselessly in order to have it released by the weekend, Auril finally released the full version of the Episode 1 remake on July 11. Auril encountered some issues regarding the transition to Unreal Engine 4.8 that ate up the time she’d planned for creating the planned scenes. She also mentioned there would be a second version with Russian localization and some additional scenes later.

Auril posted on July 24 that she planned the next update (Episode 2 remake) to be available by the end of July, after taking a short holiday break. On Tuesday August 4, the Chapter 2: Episode 2 remake version 0.62b was announced to be in development, with some screens and a new demo released . Auril then released the Exotic Creatures update with version 0.7b of the Chapter 2 remake for donators only.

We have previously covered Whorecraft for anyone interested in the game. If you’d like to become a donator for Auril’s game development, you can do so via her donators page, with an option of paysitecash or OKPay.

Meanwhile, you could always follow LewdGamer on Twitter  and Tumblr for future updates on Whorecraft and other such titles.

If it’s us you would like to support, we do have a Patreon as well.

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