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Windows 10 Visual Novel Compatibility List Is In The Works

A community-driven project with the goal of creating a Windows 10 visual novel compatibility list for has been gaining traction over the past two weeks.

The project’s aim is to create a comprehensive, accessible and searchable list of visual novel games (including eroge) compatible and incompatible with Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10. This list will also serve to aid English publishers to identify compatibility problems with their released products and fix them accordingly. The mastermind behind this project, sanahtlig, made and formatted an appropriate Google spreadsheet that can be filled in using a set of guidelines. The list itself currently contains over a hundred visual novels and can be found here . The contributor guidelines and troubleshooting tips for VNs that seemingly don’t work on Windows 10 can be found beneath this paragraph or on sanahtlig’s blog page.

Whether you’re a visual novel enthusiast that recently upgraded to Windows 10 and would like to find out which of your favorite games run properly, or would simply like to support the project, be sure to follow these instructions carefully.

####Using the spreadsheet

1. The first tab is for contributors. Some rows and columns are protected to preserve data integrity. Sorting is disabled. This tab will contain the most updated version of the compatibility list.

2. The second tab is for viewers. Sorting is enabled. Changes to this tab will be periodically overwritten.

####Guidelines for contributors

1. Existing data is usually protected and cannot be changed. Use the comment feature to suggest edits to protected cells, or fill in the unprotected duplicate fields on the right side of the spreadsheet. I had to do this because one incompetent editor shifted a column upwards and corrupted the entire table, forcing me to revert to a previous revision to ensure data integrity.

2. List compatible as well as incompatible VNs.

3. The release field is important. Some releases of a VN may be compatible with Windows 10, while others won’t be. Don’t forget to fill it in! Also, a VNDB release is not the same as the VNDB main page for a given title!

4. If there’s an incompatibility, provide a source URL where the issue was described, or describe the issue in sufficient detail that it could be reproduced–especially if this was a JAST USA, Mangagamer, or Sekai Project release. They can’t fix the problem unless it’s properly documented!

5. No links to pirated content or sites which focus on linking to pirated content.

####Troubleshooting tips

Based on data collected to date, here’s some tips to try if a game doesn’t work. Most common / easier solutions are listed first.

1. Try installing and running the game in compatibility mode (either WinXP or Win7, depending on which OS the game was designed for).

2. Install and run the game as an administrator.

3. Give up on the noDVD fix you’ve been using and run the game from the disk (you have the original disk, right?).

For Japanese or fan-translated titles:

1. Install Japanese supplemental fonts. Binaryfail wrote a guide on how to do this.

2. Try running the game with Locale Emulator.

3. Set your date/time format to Japanese (Japan).

####Regarding Interactive Text Hooker

Interactive text hooker (ITH) is a popular tool that extracts the text from visual novels as you play, usually for the sake of real-time lookup of Japanese words and machine translation. As of 8/17/15, ITH is NOT compatible with Windows 10 (Source ). Since ITH is not being actively maintained, this issue is unlikely to be fixed. Use Visual Novel Reader (VNR) or ITHVNR instead.

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