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[UPDATE] Monster Musume Miia 7 Meter Hug Pillow

Fans of monster girls and especially lamias rejoice as you are going to be one step closer to being with your waifu with the recently announced Miia Monster Musume 7m long dakimakura.

Based on the popular manga and anime series Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou the recording breaking pillow featuring the lamia Miia is just one of the few products announced on the series’ official website. The 7m (roughly 23ft.) Miia pillow along with a deluge of other merchandise, which we have listed for you below, will be sold at the publisher’s Tokuma Shouten booth at this year’s Comiket 88 taking place from August 14th to 16th.



The extremely long dakimakura will feature lewd art provided by the Monster Musume mangaka Okayado himself and will cost 100,000円 (roughly a bit over $800). Witness its full, sexy glory just below this paragraph.

Seeing the hug pillow in real life will without a doubt, be even more of an exciting experience. As mentioned previously, the Tokuma Shouten booth will have many more items to offer, and you can check all of them out if you just keep scrolling downwards.

Monster Musume keychain set – 5,000円

Item sets of two Monster Musume characters – DVD case, book cover, an acrylic board, badges, and coasters – 5,000円

Monster Musume character t-shirts – 4,000円

Monster Musume wallscrolls – 3,000円

Monster Musume character towels – 2,000円

 There you have it, a monster girl merchandise extravaganza. If you happen to be in Japan at the joyous Comiket time, be sure at least try to catch a glimpse of the Miia dakimakura, even if you cannot afford it.

If you would like to find out more about the immensely popular Monster Musume series, be sure to check out our lewd summer anime recommendations article, where we detail everything you need to know Okayado’s sensational work.

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