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Yandere Simulator Intros Two New Killing Methods and More

A month has passed since LewdGamer’s last venture into the horrific world of Yandere Simulator. Since then, YandereDev added new meaty content in the form of additional killing methods.

The two latest updates introduced on Yandere Simulator’s official blog showcase what fans of the game have been waiting for a long time—new killing methods. Specifically, Yandere-chan can now dispatch her rivals and whoever else she fancies by poisoning them or drowning them in conveniently situated fountains and toilet stalls.

The first blog update covers everything related to poisoning: how to acquire this specific skill, how the NPCs will react to discovering a poisoned body, and the new paramedic event that occurs after the body is found by a teacher. As always, various in-development Easter eggs are also mentioned that will be implemented once they are in a more polished state. YandereDev has prepared a video showing off these new features, which you can view below along with change log notes on how the poisoning mechanic works.


If the player invests 20 Study Points into the Chemistry stat, they will unlock the ability to locate poisonous substances in the school’s Chemistry Lab.

There is now a Chemistry Lab. In the Chemistry Lab, the player can find a bottle containing a poisonous substance.

There is now an event on Tuesday in which a girl will leave her lunch unattended so that it can be poisoned.

If a poisoned girl is discovered, the teacher will call the paramedics instead of the cops. This will instantly end the school day.

You can also just head straight to class after poisoning a girl to skip straight to the paramedic sequence.

YandereDev did not mention if there will be other ways to utilize poison besides putting it into the student’s bento lunches, but considering the game is still in its very early development stages, it is quite plausible we will be seeing deadly concoctions used in even more creative ways.

The second update covers what is arguably a more brutal method of killing; drowning. The newly added toilet bowls and fountains now serve as makeshift execution places for a gruesome watery death. In addition to using the toilet stalls as places to hide bodies, Yandere Simulator has acquired a facelift to the selection of panties Yandere-chan can wear. For added variety and aesthetics, all wearable panties now have different models instead of just one like in previous builds of the game. As with the previous update, YandereDev also briefly talks about Easter eggs and how he plans to make them more of a hidden element of the game, unlike before where they were very easy to find and use. The latest development blog video can be found just below this paragraph.

Just as with other new build releases of the game, the debug version of Yandere Simulator can be found on YandereDev’s official development blog.

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