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Yandere Simulator Adds Some Shocking Content

The newest content additions to Yandere Simulator will surprise you in a myriad of positive ways.

Many moons have passed since the last major content update to Yandere Simulator, in which the player takes control of a killer high school girl desiring no more than to be noticed by her upperclassman. Some of the features added by the game’s creator YandereDev include movable dumpsters for quicker corpse hiding, buckets that allow you to dump water and blood on unsuspecting victims, a girl’s locker room (complete with bath) for quick costume changes and steamy espionage action, and finally a new murder method: electrocution.

We’ve taken the liberty of compiling the full list of newly added functions here, which includes changes to the dumpster and bucket items and how they work together with other game features.


1. Added the ability to push and pull dumpsters.

2. Added the ability to open and close dumpster lids.

3. If the player positions a dumpster underneath a spot where a girl can be pushed, a symbol will appear above Yandere-chan’s head, signifying that the player should leave the dumpster in that spot and open the lid.

4. If Yandere-chan pushes a girl off the school rooftop while a dumpster is below her with an open lid, the girl will fall straight into the dumpster.

5. If a girl is inside of a dumpster, she counts as a hidden corpse, and Yandere-chan can go to class without a problem.

6. Yandere-chan can dump a bag of garbage into a dumpster to cover up corpse so that it won’t be discovered by anyone who looks inside of the dumpster.

7. If Yandere-chan doesn’t cover up the corpse, it will eventually be discovered, and result in a police investigation.


1. Added the ability to dump a bucket of liquid over the railing on the school rooftop.

2. If a bucket of liquid hits a girl, she reacts to it with animation and voice.

3. If a bucket of water hits a girl, she becomes wet with water. If a bucket of blood hits a girl, she becomes wet with blood.

4. If a girl is dripping wet with liquid, she runs to the girl’s locker room, removes her clothing, walks to the shower room, and bathes herself.

5. If a girl’s school uniform has been ruined, she wears her gym uniform for the rest of the day.

6. Added the ability to turn on and off lights in the girls’ bathroom.

7. Added the ability to unscrew the light switch in the girls’ bathroom using a screwdriver.

8. Added the ability to dump a bucket of liquid over the top of a bathroom stall.

9. If a girl is dripping wet with liquid and attempts to turn on the light in the girls’ bathroom, she will get electrocuted and die.

As is now customary, YandereDev has also prepared a new humorous video where he showcases all of the new content and confirms that the purple-haired girl is indeed the designated punching bag. Much like the list above, we’ve also linked this video below for your reading convenience.

Steam covers all of Yandere-chan’s naughty bits as she goes nude inside the locker room/bath.

YandereDev made sure to save the biggest reveal about Yandere Simulator for the very end of the video: In the latest build of the game, the player can now ride a bike around an unfinished town landscape. This might suggest that YandereDev has finally decided to make Yandere Simulator an open-world experience. In light of this announcement, we shall have to wait for more future updates to know exactly where the title’s development is headed.

To download the latest build of Yandere Simulator all you need to do is go to the developer’s official blog . If you’d like to learn more about any minor features that have been added to the latest version of the game, check out YandereDev’s latest blog post.

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