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RPG Maker Announces Latest Development Tools

Earlier this week, the team behind RPG Makerannounced a new product in their series of development tools. The new development kit, RPG MakerMV, is the next step in their systems centered on giving game dev hopefuls the chance to create their dream games.

Around four years have passed since the release of VX Ace, the previous version of RPG Maker, and in that time we have seen games continue to push the boundaries. MV was created as an answer to that, with the developers themselves stating that the landscape for RPG’s in particular has “changed greatly”. Responding to this, RPG Maker has created a tool to allow both new and experienced users to create what they want, either through the simple UI or with knowledge of the universal language Javascript. This is a slight change from the old language of choice, Ruby, so time will tell if it was advantageous.

The biggest difference between the old VX and the new MV is your choice of platform. RPG Maker has announced that the development kit will no longer be locked to Windows, but will now also run on Apple Macs. This will be a welcome change to some, and ties in nicely with the ability to build on multiple platforms – Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and even HTML5 web. The addition of HTML5 seems the most interesting, as it allows users to host games simply and effectively for people to play through their web browser. Flash, your days are severely numbered. Along with this, RPG Maker have made big changes to the way you interact with the software, allowing you for the first time to play with touch devices and your mouse on PC, rather than the conventional keyboard approach.

Behind the scenes, MV now has double the database size of VX, something which is likely to sit well with creators who want to think big. One of the most missed functions by fans, the old Event Search function from 2003, is back as well. This is likely to be extremely helpful, as when your game grows in size you need all the help you can get finding the specific event you want to change. Additionally, RPG Maker has introduced the Plugin Manager, which allows you to add java files to your project’s plugin folder. This will allow you to see script details, parameters and the ability to turn on or off your plugin. RPG Maker has gone for a minimal approach with the Plugin Manager UI, which they say will “help prevent errors and easily order the scripts”.

In terms of surface layer changes, RPG MakerMV now offers new Battle System modes. With this new feature, you can simply check a box to change your view from classic side view to a new front on view. Another additions include the new three map layer tool, which allows you to place objects near one another without them overlapping like they did in VX Ace. Finally, RPG MakerMV now offers a higher resolution than the previous 544×416. The new screen size is 816×624, a fair bit larger than before, and graphical assets are now 1.5x larger, meaning characters are 48×48 instead of the original 32×32.

RPG MakerMV hopes to be a good choice for all creative types, in particular those who don’t quite have the programming knowledge to use other tools like Love 2D. The development kit has been used in the past to make more than its fair share of hentai games, such as the infamous and fan favorite Violated Heroine. Violated Heroine was built entirely on RPG Maker, and just goes to show what a bit of tenacity and a raging erection can achieve. For more information on RPG MakerMV, the video below (in Japanese) illustrates visually how the new system is designed to function, and you can also check out their website too for resources and system requirements.

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