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Adult Version of Everlasting Summer Shows Up on Nutaku

The popular Russian visual novel and eroge Everlasting Summer is now available to play completely free of charge on Nutaku.

Originally released in Russian by Soviet Games in late 2013 as Бесконечное лето on PC (and later on iOS and Android devices), Everlasting Summer tells the tale of a young man named Semyon living in modern day Russia, who, by a set of mysterious events, finds himself transported to a Soviet-era Pioneer summer camp. From there the protagonist has to unravel the enigma of his circumstances while being surrounded by the young female inhabitants of Camp Sovionok.

Everlasting Summer was rereleased in November of 2014; however, that version of the game was heavily censored and removed all of the erotic content. Nutaku’s new and free-to-play version of the release reinstated all of those scenes and made the game completely playable in a browser.

As always, you can check out some of the sample screenshots from the full uncensored release of the game right here.

Everlasting Summer features a long and complex story, which changes in accordance with the actions the player takes during its tenure. While playing as Semyon, the player will be able to get into a romantic relationship with one of the game’s five heroines or pursue the truth behind the deadly dealings of the Soviet Pioneer camp to finally reach one of the thirteen available endings.

You will have to have the following system requirements along with a Nutaku account to run the game in your browser.

[Recommended environment] – Windows Vista/Windows7/Windows8 + Internet Explorer 8/ Google Chrome ver.39 – Mac OS 10.10.x (Yosemite) + Google Chrome ver.39 – Plug-in: at least Adobe Flash Player 11

– It is necessary to enable JavaScript. – Please note that without the above environment, there is a possibility that game won’t work properly.

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