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Senran Kagura’s sadistic sharpshooter has just received a couple of seductive products that are sure to scratch everyone’s naughty itch.

LewdGamer has found out (via Famitsu) that Hobby Stock has just started taking pre-orders for their Senran Kagura Estival Versus Ryoubi themed merchandise. The pre-order kicked off on the 6th of August in Japan and includes a Ryoubi oppai (boob) mousepad , a flat cushion, tapestry, a dakimakura (hug pillow) and towel.

The Ryoubi mousepad is the 14th in the series of Senran Kagura boob mousepads. To emphasize that she is super busty, the oppai pad part has been made extra large. The artwork on all of the items presented below is, as expected, done by Senran Kagura’s lead character artist Yaegashi Nan. Senran Kagura’s lead producer Kenichiro Takaki also made sure the items are up to his raunchy standards.

The heterochromatic sniper sports a very confident, catty expression and invitingly exposes her chest for everyone to see.

Size: 260 mm L x 220 mm W x 35 mm H (pad size)Materials: PU, PVC, GelArtist: Yaegashi NanQA: Takaki KenichiroPrice: 4,000 yen + taxRelease date: November 2015

The flat cushion and tapestry also have the same design as the mousepad.


Size: B2 (728 mm L x 515 mm W)Materials: Polyester SuedePipe: String attached

Flat Cushion:

Size: 310 mm L x 310 mm WMaterials: Cotton

The official description of the dakimakura featuring Ryoubi is a thing of hilarity and wonder, so we decided to translate it from Famitsu’s article for your side-devastating pleasure.

We’re proud to introduce the 14th entry into the Senran Kagura series of goods, the Ryoubi dakimakura from ESTIVAL VERSUS! You can see her looking at you straight with no regrets on the front side, then on the back side you can see her basically saying “THIS IS THE BIG BUTT AGE!” Both sides are nothing but Ryoubi! Illustrations are once again done by Yaegashi Nan! The materials are from A&J’s Ultimate Class “Raikutron”, so you can feel the smoothness of her body. Enjoy the fantastic illustration and the fantastic quality materials!


Size: 160 cm L x 50 cm WMaterials: Raikuton (2 way Torikotto)Artist: Yaegashi NanQA: Takaki KenichiroPrice: 12,000 yen + taxRelease Date: November 2015

For those of you that purchase this from Hobby Stock’s Web Shop, you can get this microfiber towel with the same illustration.


Size: 200 mm x 640 mm

If ordering from Japanese retailers seems too much of a hassle for, we got some wonderful news for you on how you can still get a hold of some of these supremely erotic items. Starting on the 7th of August, Hobby Search is putting the Ryoubi mousepad  (sale price 3,800 yen, which is around 30.67 USD) and dakimakura (11,400 yen, around 92 USD) up for pre-order.

The softness of Senran Kagura girls is not to be underestimated, so if you are a fan of tucking in with a soft female shinobi or are just a Ryoubi enthusiast, we recommend you at least give these items a thorough look over.

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