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Chuablesoft – Prospective Localization Plans

Chuablesoft, a Japanese developer focused on erotic themed visual novels, has expressed interest in the western market.


“When eroge are translated and released overseas, what do you think when a non-adult version with the ero-scenes cut is released on Steam?” When I asked this question to the English-speaking world, they largely responded, “We prefer a non-adult and adult version be released at the same time and price.”


“Since adult content isn’t allowed on Steam, they seem to be requesting a version to be sold on Steam, and then a separate adult version to be marketed and sold on another platform. As far as numbers go, Steam has many more users, but the core fans seem to want an uncut version.”


While Chuablesoft initially considered Sekai Project to localize their products, JAST USA and MangaGamer were also suggested by fans as preferable alternatives. Sekai Project focuses on non-adult releases, with the goal of promoting their products on Kickstarter and Steam. In contrast, MangaGamer and JAST USA are more focused on purely adult titles. All three companies try to release adult versions (when they exist) for their titles, but Sekai Project usually don’t license titles that do not have a non-adult release in Japan.

Here are the visual novels that ChuableSoft could offer the West if they can strike a deal with an English publisher:

Pure X Cure

The main character has gotten a job at an all girls’ academy as a health teacher. You prepare to help the students with any of their problems that arise within your new nurse’s office. However, having a male nurse/health professional is seen as a little strange by many students.

The health committee and class members, the girl that refuses to come to school, the one that plays hooky all the time, the overseas transfer student, the physically ill rich girl, all these unique girls come together and it’s your job to guide and protect them. Sometimes give them advice, sometimes help with their worries, and aim to be a health counselor they can rely on.

Amanatsu -Aru Manatsu no Hajimete no Ohanashi-

A summer where the wonderfully bright sun illuminates all. A seaside town full of history, where missionaries once worked. This is an AVG where you can have pure, sweet, innocent love with the maidens of a missionary school.


Sugar+Spice is set in present day. You’re a boy that goes to a school in town. As the game opens, you have no memory. You lost your memory in a traffic accident! You don’t remember or understand anything around you, most of all a girls’ heart. But you still get to know these girls. Then you get close to them. As you try to figure them each out, you end up getting intimate…Sugar+Spice! The sweet, intense love story

The first of our games to have a “if you like them enough, confess!” system.

Sugar+Spice! Party☆Party

This is a fan disk for Sugar+Spice! It’s got some extras for all the other girls, and you can finally date your sister. Play minigames and enjoy the cultural festival!

Koibumi Romantica

The main character wants to be a novelist. In order to realize his dream of authoring a novel, he left to live in Tokyo! However, he can’t find a publisher that will deal with him. Not only that, but after realizing he was tricked by a mean comrade, he was penniless. His novel has come to nothing.

A poor artist with nothing to his name. As the rain starts pelting down on him, all of the sudden an umbrella is offered right to him. Looking up, he sees a school girl…

Sugar+Spice 2

An adventure of looking for a way to grant a boy and girl’s wish.

What are girls made of? Sugar, spice, and everything nice.

If that’s the case, what are girls with a dream made of?

Sweet Robin Girl

A town where early modern times’ footprints remain. A cafe in that town used to be known for their excellent coffee. Now, however, it has nothing but dust and debt. Because of this, the owner does nothing but drown in alcohol. In this situation, 4 girls all transfer there. Because of their individual situations, they’ve all lost what they would call home. Seeing their lively figures every day, the owner thinks it’s fantastic. The shop draws breath again, and the coffee starts pouring thanks to the young energy of these girls.

This is a perch. These little chicks will rest now, and soon grow into magnificent birds with beautiful wings.


An honest love adventure with your older sister.

“In a sky where many stars glow, the moon glows brightest of all but, if you try to touch it, it’ll become a shooting star and disappear so instead I stick my hand in my pocket and just look at her face in profile.”

Love Bright

It all started when I met her.

Coincidence or not, we ended up kissing. Because of that, we started living together. She says it’s because of her family’s customs. If this keeps up, we’ll have to get married. However, she says “I’m not marrying someone that I don’t love, and a commoner at that.”, so she offers me a deal. If we live together for 3 months and her family finds out that, despite working hard, a marriage with a commoner just won’t work out, it will be cancelled. The only condition for this is that I have to listen to one thing she tells me to do without question. Even so, I was lured in and agreed. But there was one miscalculation. There are other girls moving in as well.

My little sister, my childhood friend, my senpai that’s full of mysteries, and the rich girl’s maid. Not only that, but all of them are being treated as potential marriage candidates. What’s going to happen in these three months…?

Noblesse of Rouge

Saint Alexandria Girls’ Academy. Wealthy girls are sent there, and the student council are affectionately called the “three musketeers.”

The newcomer with plenty of energy, Daltanian. The playful, selfish Atos. The neat and tidy, yet impish rich girl, Aramis. And the genius flatty, Poltus.

And I’m the student council president right in the middle of them, Rui.

This school has some weird traditions, like learning swordplay. Then after you learn, you stake your honor and duels in order to improve and show off your skills. This is actually one reason I’m admired by many.

However, there’s one thing I can’t tell anyone about myself. It’s that…I’m actually a boy.

That’s right, the first boy ever at this school! I was asked by my twin sister, who’s injured, to take care of things for a while, so I became her.

In this garden full of girls that duel gracefully, can I really keep up with that swordplay and hold their admiration?!

Wagaya no Himegami-sama

“Hey, hey! Papa!”

The night of a summer festival, I found a girl.

The sacred tree at the shrine was felled by lightning, and at its base was a small girl…despite having no relatives, this girl was strangely familiar with me. Eventually, I ended up helping “Hime” out. That would be fine, but it didn’t end there. My miko classmate, my swords woman senpai, and my childhood friend ended up living with me.

“Hime’s gotten all bigger!”

And now she’s an adult for some reason!

She gets in the tub with me, shares a bed with me, and everything! Now that she’s an adult, it’s an extremely big problem!! Should I keep our relationship the same? What’s this hot feeling in my chest…?! Hime sticks to me the same, despite my new found uneasiness. These peaceful days draw summer to a close, and my feelings toward Hime continue.

Yep, this is a summer love story.

Ano Harewataru Sora yori Takaku

It all started with 5 people and a rocket. Our calculations and craftsmanship were lacking, so most people said it was impossible. But…we never gave up. I live in a space research town. Due to the school here being well known for its interest in space, many students looking to study it come from around the country.

“Hey, wanna make a rocket?”

To be honest, it surprised me. Everyone, including myself, knows me as dumb, but she was serious…so I agreed.

The president of the small rocket club “Byakko” agreed and made me a member. Then… “It’s impossible for that Byakko club.”

The president of the ARC rocket club, the biggest and most prestigious of all the many rocket clubs in the school, suddenly said this to us! They were going to disband our club!

If we wanted to stay a club, we would have to win the second trimester rocket meet.

My senpai, in love with rockets, my childhood friend who loves pranks, and even the one that was supposed to be a rival got mixed up with us! We began our rocket battle.

The goal is to win the meet. But more than that, to send a rocket into space! The height is is 100 km. Higher than that huge sky. Believing in our dream, we rush forward.

Zannen na Ore-tachi no Seishun Jijou.

“Hello, peasants.”

That was the first thing I ever heard her say. With a scornful smile, and words that were like poison, she flung out insults. However, she would soon regret her careless words.

I can’t tell you what happened after, as it would be a spoiler (TL Note: This is in-text, not me saying it), but let’s just say that she left me, the main character, interested in her. She became one of our comrades, part of the “Unofficial Student Council.”

And this one day will change her life forever. What is good or bad? Only she will ever know. But I can say this:

It’s unfortunate, but we’re all imperfect. There is no such thing as a perfect person in this world.

But that’s why humans work together, and accomplish the impossible.

Watashi ga Suki nara “Suki”tte Itte

“I love you.”

I confessed my love to her under the apple tree behind our school.

…My plain school life became colorful after I met the fairy, “QP”, born from those apples.

“First, eat some food. Then, enter a club. Then…fall in love.”

I met the airy rich girl,

“Love? How naughty.”

My relationship with my childhood friend changed,

“I hate love!”

My ex girlfriend from when I was really little reappears,

and the doors of love open one after the other…then…

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