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"Let Me In" or "How to Conquer the Princess' Tower"

The independent developer known as BBBen has recently released his new text-based erotic game Let Me In.

Let Me In despite the word “conquer” in this article’s title, is a much relaxed text-based erotic game. The player takes control of a that just escaped with his life frm a major battle with the human army. In his flight, he discovers a single tall but locked tower and in it an airheaded and exceptionally sheltered princess ripe for the picking. Horny, as most goblins and orcs tend to be in erotic fiction, he decides to use his limited wits and tries to convince the young maiden to let him into the tower so he can fuck her.

No Donkey in sight.

All of the gameplay of Let Me In is based around typing phrases into the game’s text box in an attempt to gain the princess’ trust. Depending how you approach the gullible princess, you may also get her horny and get yourself a good look at her naked body. Being crafty and sneaky may just pay off, so use any way you see fit to get into her panties.

Other than the text log interface seen in the screenshot above, the game also provides fully 3D rendered CGs to go with the story. Of course, you will be only able to see the raunchiest of them if you manage to reach of the four available endings.

Let Me In is now available as a free PC download from the BBBen’s official Patreon page. If you are interested in more games by this erotic game developer, check out his Patreon’s main page for other text-based and story driven titles.

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