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[UPDATE] Sakura Clicker - Naughty Monster Girl Clicking RPG

Sakura Clicker, a new title by Winged Cloud has been announced by publisher Sekai Project on Twitter, with a new gameplay trailer.

[UPDATE] Sakura Clicker has been released for free on Steam. Additionally, players can buy various outfits for these monster girls on their steam page, such as a school outfit, maid outfit or cute bikini, which cost around $ 0.99 a piece. [/UPDATE]

Sakura Clicker is being produced by Winged Cloud, a development company that develops ecchi visual novels and anime styled game such as Sakura Spirit, Sakura Angels, and Sakura Fantasy Chapter 1. Unlike previous games developed by Winged Cloud, Sakura Clicker is not a visual novel; rather, it is an “idle clicker” game, featuring an interactive mechanic that may require some skillful fingertips.

The goal is to defeat several attractive monster girls by clicking away at them with your mouse. Each victory will lead you to the next monster girl, who become more and more difficult as you progress. We can see in the trailer below that each monster girl will possess different skills, levels and attributes, so some alternating clicking strategies might be involved. It can be hypothesized that these skills will align with their acquired skills in previous games, as most characters return from prior games in the series. Defeating them unlocks certain rewards, such as gold, which can be used to buy different outfits for the hero. Monster girls won’t stay quiet during these assaults on their person, putting the game’s 800+ voice clips to good use.

Sakura Clicker will be released for free on Steam, but no release date has been announced as of yet. For now, an alpha version is exclusively available for Patrons on their Patreon page. With their goal of $1500 dollars being met, Winged Cloud’s Patreon will be including a digital artbook.

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