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Otakon is shaping up to be a good one this year, with more announcements coming through the pipeline.

This weekend at Otakon in Baltimore has seen some pretty big announcements from some of our favorite producers already, and they continue to delight. At their panel today, Sekai Project has announced a host of new visual novels and also discussed their newest venture – manga. Sekai Project is set to begin publishing GATE, originally a Japanese fantasy novel written by Takumi Yanai, a series which follows a group of soldiers as they battle monsters and traverse other worlds. More details on this will be announced at a later date, but let’s tell you what else we know from their panel.

Nenokami: The Princess Knights of Kyoto

Nekokami: The Princess Knights of Kyoto follows the adventures of a young maiden named Ren as she reconciles with a lost friend, and is set in the yuri genre – expect some cute girl on girl love! Created by Kuro Irodoru Yomiji, the game will release in Japan in August, and will consist of both an adult and kid-friendly version.

Just look at that video thumbnail!

Witch Boy Magical Piece PV

Developed by Rosemary House, Witch Boy Magical Piece is the story of five high school boys with mystical powers – becoming cute girls and fighting evil. As humanity is threatened by these mysterious creatures, the boys must work together to fend them off and still remain absolutely fabulous.

The game was originally released last year in Japan on smartphone devices, and is now set to come “fabulously soon to PC” too.

Fault milestone two side:above

Fault milestone two side:above is a VN that follows on from the original, developed by Alice in Dissonance, and is due on Steam in September. There is currently a demo on Steam available, and is described as continuing the story of Selphine and the gang as they traverse their homeland.

The original title is also available to play, and is described as a throwback to the science fiction genres of the 80’s. If this is something you’ve already played, or sounds like something you might enjoy, keep a finger on the pulse for this one.

Tenshin Ranman

Originally developed by Yuzsoft, Tenshin Ranman follows the story of a very unfortunate young man who has learned to cope with his affliction. Eventually, he is visited by a goddess who claims she wishes to see his poor luck erased, and subsequently becomes involved in his life.

The VN has now been announced as coming to the West, so keep an eye out for this one!

Nekopara Vol. 0

Also announced is Nekopara Vol.0, a title by Neko Works. This fan-disc prequel to Vol. 1 (already on Steam) follows the story of cute catgirls doing cute catgirl things. As the developer themselves put it; “What’s Nekopara? It’s cat paradise!”

There’s currently no release date set on this just yet, but stay tuned and we’ll keep you up to date on all these titles and more. – P

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