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Upcoming Releases from StudioFOW

In the past few months, we here at LewdGamer have been keeping a close eye on the animators over at StudioFOW.

Each production from this studio has been of increasing quality, and top tier fetish fuel. Their recently announced round of projects seems to be no exception to this precedent. As announced on their Tumblr, StudioFOW is currently working on, not one, but three new features.

KUNOICHI 2 – Starring Momiji of Ninja Gaiden and Dead or AliveNIGHTMARE – Starring Jill from BiohazardSEXTROID PRIME – Starring the one and only Samus

First up and already well into production is Kunoichi 2, the sequel to their release from late last year, Kunoichi: Broken Princess. This time around the shrine maiden Momiji is up for the StudioFOW treatment. According to the currently available information, Kunoichi 2 seems to be a direct sequel to the first installment, continuing with the demon invasion storyline.


Tokyo City – Near Future

The demonic invasion continues to wreak havoc on the city. The once mighty kunoichi Kasumi is nowhere to be found, and with Hayabusa village reduced to rubble, it falls to the Dragon Shrine maiden to claim vengeance for her clan.

As Ryu pursues the dragon statue across the world, and Tokyo festers away under demonic influence, Momiji has no choice but to enter the hellish cityscape and brave the increasingly violent demonic power sleeping within.

- Sequel to the worldwide smash hit Kunoichi: Broken Princess

- 20+ minutes of hardcore action featuring the starlet of the Ninja Gaiden series

- Demons, Japanese perverts and unexpected foes have their way with the

- Shrinemaiden

- Fully voiced and animated by the team behind

- Bioshag:Trinity

- Pushing the Source Engine graphics to the absolute limit

This is sure to be another thrilling production for the many fans of the Dead or Alive franchise. The advancement of this storyline is sure to lead up to quite the finale when this trilogy is completed.

The second of the three announced productions is Nightmare: Code Valentine.  StudioFOW previously stepped foot into the world of Resident Evil with the same sex encounter between Chris Redfield and Wesker titled Complete Anal Penetration. In this still-in-progress animation, the FOW team will revisit this franchise, though this time series regular Jill Valentine will be in the “S.T.A.R.ring role”.


Raccoon City

Viruses evolve. They adapt, shift, and transform in unexpected ways. And as one beautiful S.T.A.R.S. member is about to find out , if you’re at the wrong place at the wrong time – some viruses can make you wish you were never born.

StudioFOW’s depraved animations take a new twist as Raccoon City becomes the setting for the downfall of one of gaming’s most iconic characters!

- 20+ minutes of filthy hardcore action

- StudioFOW’s trademark rough sex style gets a chance to shine in the brooding atmosphere of Biohazard

- Featuring the #1 most requested lady of the Resident Evil universe, as she gets destroyed by the twisted creations of Umbrella Corporation

- Fully voice acted and animated by the assholes who brought you Kunoichi and Lara in Trouble

- Alternate reality take on the events of Resident Evil 3

- Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars

Lastly of the announced titles, and possibly the one that may cause the most excitement is Sextroid: Prime. As selected by fans through a contest back in April, Samus is up for her very own feature film. The legendary bounty hunter is sure to be in for quite a ride on the StudioFOW train.


Low orbit around Planet Reivaux

She couldn’t get him out of his mind. She clawed at her own skin, tearing away at the pale flesh; the pain a welcome stimulant from the numbness that pervaded her mind. She bit her puffy pink lip, too hard, and drew blood. She tasted it and smiled.

As the water droplets cascaded down her perfectly toned athletic body, the bounty hunter knew what she had to do. To end it all. She knew it was a trap and that they were waiting for her, but it didn’t matter to her. It didn’t matter any more. She had to end it all.

Stepping out of the shower and drying herself off, she stood before her legendary suit. As she opened the cabinet and looked at the armor that had saved her life so many times, a look of determination crept across her gorgeous features. At last, Samus Aran knew what she had to do. To end him, and to end it all.

- Winner of the 2015 StudioFOW Tournament

- Sci-fi’s hottest babe goes toe to toe with perverted alien foes in a desperate quest for vengeance

- 20+ minutes of rough xeno and zoo action

- Watch the galaxy’s most famous bounty hunter go beyond her limits

- StudioFOW blends the dark atmosphere of Metroid with their cinematic production values

- Fully voiced and animated sex with story

As a fan favorite and a regular on the rule34 scene, this will surely be one of the most eagerly awaited releases from StudioFOW so far. All in all, it seems as if the second half of 2015 will be quite thrilling for the fans of these franchises, and of Source Film Maker erotica in general.

We reached out to Darkcrow of StudioFOW for comment on these upcoming projects.

“We’re very excited for this lineup and we hope to give fans more of the deliciously dark content they have been craving! Stay tuned to our Twitter and Tumblr blogs for updates on all three movies as production rolls along!”

If you enjoy the content produced by StudioFOW, you can support their continuing work via their Patreon . We will be keeping a close watch on these titles as development progresses. Be sure to check back regularly for more news and updates. Feel free to follow LewdGamer on Twitter @LewdGamer  and me personally @Lewd_Raze. If you enjoy our content and would like to support us, please consider donating to our Patreon. Thanks for reading!

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