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Yuri Eroge "Dahlia" to Premiere Today at Japan Expo

Dahlia, a short yuri themed visual novel eroge set in 19th century France, is coming out today and will be available at the annual Japan Expo in Paris.

Originally released August of last year in Japan, by independent yuri eroge developer Cosmillica, Dahlia explores a blooming romance between two girls during the Haussmann’s renovation period in France. A full story synopsis and feature content description from the game’s official Western publisher Kikan Editions, can be read below.

Brutally separated from her parents and her cozy life, the young Emilie barely survives by begging in the streets, while she tries to get in touch with her family. She is saved at the very last moment from a gruesome fate and will integrate a mysterious mansion in 19th-century Paris. Will she find her salvation there?

Dahlia throws us into the life of two young ladies living in the rarely visited Paris from the haussmannian revolution. You will be transported to a unique universe with beautiful meticulous graphics and charismatic and memorable characters served by a great charadesign. The accompanying music gives life to the story and makes it even more immersive thanks to the selection of emblematic songs from this era.

Cosmillica has brought to life a story full of suspense where romance and mystery intertwine.

Details: Approximative length: 3 hours Langages: English and French Content: Yuri Age restrictions: Adults only (erotic content) Game fully dubbed in Japanese Circle: Cosmillica Cosmillica’s web site: http://burstgen.com/

At this time, the English and French language versions of the game are only available. Hard copies will be for sale at this year’s Japan Expo in Paris, France. If you’re lucky enough to be in Paris and attending the expo between July 2nd and 5th, do check out Kikan Edition’s stall in Hall nine, aisle 49 at the Kawa-Soft stand.

The downloadable edition of Dahlia will be made available after this year’s Japan Expo has concluded. No official release date for that has been announced yet, but LewdGamer will be sure to inform you of it as soon as it appears on our radar.

Another of Cosmillica titles ATOM GRRRL! is also being brought over to the West by Sekai Project, so 2015 will not be a drought year for fans of lesbian loving.

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