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I Wanna Go Home ~The Island Survival RPG~ Is Now On Sale

To anyone who claimed Castaway needed less Tom Hanks and needed a cute anime girl, indie developer crotch’s newly-released I Wanna Go Home ~The Island Survival RPG~ is the game just for you.

The protagonist of I Wanna Go Home is Mimiko, a 19-year-old girl who just won an all-expense-paid holiday on a luxury boat for 4 days and 3 nights. Mimiko’s luck and enthusiasm soon turns to misfortune and despair as her holiday boat sinks into the ocean depths in an accident. The young girl finds herself stranded on a deserted island with no food or drinkable water. In order to survive she will have to get crafty, use all of her wits, and sometimes even her whole body.

As you might have inferred, it’s not the most conventional premise when you think of erotic RPGs. In crotch’s RPG Maker-created title the player will have to explore a tropical island, kill bugs and other small animals both for food and to level up. The final goal is to escape the island while making sure that your hunger, thirst, energy and bowel meters are maintained well enough to ensure survival.

The player will be able to adapt to the harsh tropical environment by raising Mimiko’s level through convenient and varied erotic scenes. Improving what the game calls your “ecchi skill” will help you breathe a little longer underwater while searching for critical items.

Death is always just around the corner in I Wanna Go Home. Mimiko can be afflicted by all kinds of nasty negative status effects such as injury, starvation, uncleanliness, dehydration, poisoning and numerous other nasty and potentially deadly things. After all, the player is just controlling a perfectly normal teenage girl that just wants to go home. Careful planning is key to success and the player will have to plan their next steps to make sure she gets home safely and preferably in one piece.

The censored Japanese version of I Wanna Go Home ~The Island Survival RPG~ can now be purchased on the English version of DLSite . Being an RPG, the game is quite heavy on Japanese text, but some meticulous trial and error should get most players through it just fine. The title also requires the RPG Tkool VX RTP run time package, which can be downloaded for free by following this link.

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