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[FINAL(?) UPDATE]: Valve Changes Stance On Skyrim Workshop Mod Store

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Given pause by the huge community backlash made against Valve’s newest policy concerning the establishment of a “mod store” for Skyrim mods produced and distributed on the Steam Workshop, the decision has been made by the corporation’s top brass to ultimately rescind the hotly controversial idea; at least from Skyrim.

On April 27th, Valve employee “Alden” posted the company’s plan to withdraw the payment feature from the Skyrim Workshop. He says that the initial plan was made “without really understanding what we were doing”, affirming that Valve only wanted to let modders enjoy their own rewards for their work. Alden continues to state that he believes that there is a “good idea somewhere” in the payment model, but he feels that the Skyrim modding community was not the right place to kick off the implementation of such a system.

So does this mark the end of the established payment model that threw the Skyrim Workshop community into a spurious uproar, or will it resurface under a different franchise? The future remains uncertain, but for those who fiercely opposed the “mod store” for Skyrim, they may rest easy for tonight. Skyrim’s mods on Steam are completely free, once again.

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