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StudioFOW, producers of “Lara in Trouble” and “Kunoichi: Broken Princess” have a two new videos currently in production. The first is “The Arena of Depravity” which is based on the World of Warcraft franchise which occurs in the days shortly before the Horde invaded Azeroth.

“DRAENOR – 6 months before the opening of the Dark Portal The Iron Horde is on the march across Draenor. The forces of Warchief Hellscream have sacked the Temple of Karabor and captured a number of Draenei as slaves. Among them is a young girl called Yrel. Destined for great things, Yrel must first endure a hellish three rounds in the Arena of Depravity, a celebration held by the perverted Orcs which showcases their new slaves. Thrust into the ring with some of the Iron Horde’s most ferocious warriors and watched eagerly by Warlord Kargath Bladefist, the sadistic Arena Master – Yrel must find her courage in order to win her freedom.”

StudioFOW has solicited input from their fan base in the form of strawpolls to determine who would be featured in the various rounds of the arena, allowing their fans to play an active role in the production of this feature.

The next item, which was recently announced in late February, is Bioshag: Trinity. This features three versions of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite in three different scenarios.

“StudioFOW gives Elizabeth the sendoff she deserves with BioShag: Trinity – three seperate erotic stories set in the Bioshock multiverse. Coming this Spring, watch Elizabeth brought to life in the Source engine as the most perverted SFM animators in the world join forces to give Liz the pounding she’s been needing! Under the Sea A seductive siren finds her way into Booker DeWitt’s office, and proceeds to make him a deal he cannot refuse. Amongst the Clouds A lonely and shy girl held prisoner in her tower needs something to keep her busy on a warm summer’s morning. Discovering her extradimensional powers for the first time, what will she unleash from the void? In the Flames As the majestic flying city of Columbia descends into anarchy, the Lamb finds herself seperated from her companion and ambushed by a gang of renegade Vox Populii mercenaries. Bonus Scene”

The amount of information on this project is still sparse beyond the initial announcement, but the brief cinematic trailer released last week promises another high quality offering from StudioFOW.

Keep an eye out for updates on these coming projects on the official site of StudioFOW as well as their Tumblr and Twitter.

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