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[UPDATE] Umemaro 3D's Semen Analysis Gets a Demo

Umemaro 3D has just released a demo to his newest 3D lewd animation movie Semen Analysis.

[UPDATE] Umemaro has just updated his blog stating that Semen Analysis will be released tomorrow on the 29th of May on DMM. He also apologized it will not be available on DLsite for a while as it failed the mosaic censorship test required for pornographic content to be put on the service. You can read his fully translated blog post below.

Tomorrow, the game will be out…on DMM only.

First, let me apologize.

This time, DLSite rejected selling the product after it didn’t pass the Mosaic exam. This is because the mosaic I used this time is a bit see-through in some parts. I’ll say this in advance, but it’s not DLSite’s fault. It was mine for not checking thoroughly.

Now, normally I could just fix the mosaic and it would be all good, but actually in this game, if I changed the mosaic, I’d lose part of the mask and video data. That would mean editing the mosaic would also require me to do more rendering and other things that would take a relatively large amount of time, meaning a long delay in the sale of it.

In addition to this, since this lighter version of the mosaic already passed DMM’s standards to sell it, I wonder if the users would accept a heavier mosaic just so the product could be available on another site.

I’m very sorry to anyone using DLSite, anyone in an area that speaks English, anyone that wanted to enjoy an English version, and any smartphone users.

I hope you are able to purchase it from

This work will star “semen investigation” nurse “Rokuhato Chiha”, but this isn’t a parody work, so be careful if that’s what you were expecting (though there are some funny lines in there lol).

It’s an original product.

This time there’s about 1.2 gigs worth of data in here, so it is a bit large, but just think of it as being an “examining room filled with lewd.”

However, this time there were a lot of test data materials, so the game might be a bit shorter than usual despite the data size. This will, of course, be reflected in a lower price as well.


This time around Volume 13 in Umemaro 3D’s mini movie collection features a nurse in a sterility clinic that is way too eager to take semen samples from the visiting patients—by any means necessary. You can read a short translated plot synopsis below.

There exists a certain clinic where they treat sterility. In that clinic, there’s a men’s room used to collect sperm samples. Basically it’s a room to masturbate in. Patients are given a cup before entering that they must ejaculate a certain amount into. However, that amount ends up being much larger than one would think. Some men never manage to fill it up. Luckily, there happens to exist a nurse who’s job is to deal with this situation.

In order to investigate your sterility, you go to visit the OB/GYN department of that very clinic. For a detailed analysis to be performed, you have no choice but to fill that cup as much as is necessary. You ask for a personal room, and start stroking it as hard as you can…and that’s when a nurse overflowing with eroticism enters your room…

Name: Rokuhato Chiha Occupation: Nurse (Sperm collection)

As with most of the latest Umemaro 3D productions, Semen Analysis will feature branching animation paths in the form of a flowchart that are dependent on the player’s scene selection. Additionally, and in order to improve the game’s overall erotic appeal, Umemaro 3D has included a couple of new features to give the player a more immersive and involved experience. While watching the scenes unfold, the players will now be able to switch camera modes between a POV shot for the male patient and a more cinematic angle of the sex scene. The two other bonus features will also let the player pick among three speeds for sex scenes and to control the hero’s point of ejaculation. While all of these might seem rather standard for most games of this type, it’s a significant change for Umemaro, whose past animation collections had the player take a more passive stance to the action going on screen.

The short demo version of Semen Analysis can be downloaded from Umemaro’s official page . While there is no release date for the game to speak of just yet, the developer has stated on his blog that the game has already been registered on DLsite and DMM, so it is safe to assume that the game’s premiere is almost upon us. We will continue to update the story as it continues to progress. Be sure to look forward to a special Umemaro 3D Behind the Lewds feature coming sometime in the future as well.

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