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Tragic Princess Knight Selphie Eroge Now Available

Tragic Princess Knight Selphie — the turn based eroge reminiscent of the classic Final Fantasy series — has been released. If you’ve ever wanted a classic RPG experience with an R18 twist, then this is for you!

Tistrya’s new eroge title, Tragic Princess Knight Selphie, released on June 15 this year on DLsite. This is the third title Japanese developer Tistrya has had listed on DLsite, along with Mushikarishi and “You thought we were in Love? Too bad!” Like the latter, Tragic Princess Knight Selphie is a turn-based roleplaying game, with a world and combat similar to the Final Fantasy games, all the way from I to VI.

Princess Selphie lives quite a sheltered life in the castle. Her father, King Zelfis, forbids her from leaving the safety of the fortress until she turns age 20. Despite her protected existence she is also required to train everyday, honing her skills as a warrior until the day she catches wind of a royal tournament being held. Confident in her skills, she goes against her father’s strict rule of leaving the castle. Leaving to take part in the tournament before she is of age, she encounters more than she bargained for.

Tragic Princess Knight Selphie explores themes of rape, tentacle, ahegao (mind break), and interspecies sex. The game features an armour system that takes damage and becomes more lewd with every piece that’s broken. The Colosseum also features combat challenges with adult-based challenges. Hentai scenes are also present, along with five different recruitable party members.

For those interested in giving the game a try, a trial version is available; however, we tried to get it to work and had some issues. The upload claims it’s corrupt, so we’d advise readers to download at their own risk.

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