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To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness True Princess Japanese Release Confirmed

The Japanese release date for Furyu’s newest To Love-Ru Darkness game, To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness True Princess has been confirmed.

The super popular Shueisha manga To Love-Ru -Trouble-‘s new game release, To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness True Princess will be making its way to the PlayStation Vita on November 5th of this year. Unlike the previous game in the series, Battle Ecstasy, this title will be a dating sim.

The player will control the protagonist, Rito Yuuki, and will build up his friendship with the various heroines. After enough time, and in a departure from the original manga’s premise, he will choose one girl to have a relationship with rather than form a harem. Due to certain events, Rito lost all of his memories. As a result, the various heroines around him become occupied by their own motives and with one another, resulting in a larger-than-life romance.

Originally, there were seven heroines with the inclusion of Momo, but after Battle Ecstasy increased Run and Rin’s popularity, they now appear in their own routes as well.

The translated story synopsis taken from the Japanese publication Indie-Games can be found below this paragraph.

The Darkness incident that rocked their town has begun to settle down, and Rito is enjoying his return to everyday life. However, the peace doesn’t last long when an incident occurs, causing Rito to lose his memory. He can’t remember anything from the day he met Lala onward.

Obviously, the girls surrounding Rito make a huge fuss. One wants to force her help on him in order to return his memories, one wants to use this opportunity to advance her own plans, one who sees this as a chance to advance her relationship with him…spinning from the entangled web of each girl’s individual motives, a new tale featuring 11 heroines is about to unfold.

There are currently no plans for a Western release of To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness True Princess. If you are a fan of the series or just enjoy ecchi games in general, you can always order the previous game, To Love-Ru Battle Ecstasy from Play-Asia.

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