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Text RPG Trials in Tainted Space Update 0.5.36

A new public Trials in Tainted Space update is here, and the vast outreaches of space are filled with lewdness once again.

Fenoxo’s text-based, erotic RPG Trials in Tainted Space has been given another monthly content injection, and is now available to the public. You can find the latest changelog below along with some new concept art of a Gold Myr bee monster girl, the star of this month’s Trials in Tainted Space update.

0.5.36 Changelog:

- Kressia’s bathhouse is open in the northwest corner of the city! Don’t ask me why a red ant lactates nectar. Savin’s crazy, I tell you what!

- Vending machines have been placed on each planet to offer a cheap energy-restorative (not portable, I’m afraid).

- One of the Kressia shops now has an icon on the minimap. I’ve already forgotten which one.

- Lactation should never decrease while pregnant.

- Some fixes to having fun with your goo-suit.

- A few tweaks to exhibitionism.

- Fixed a number of clothing checks that were not triggering properly.

New Stuff For Non-Backers Since Last Month:

- Dally, a gold myr stripper in Gildenmere.

- A basic exhibitionism system (still needs some work in a few places).

- New Male Naleen victory scene.

- Human codex entry.

- Goo armor! (Tied into Anno’s quest)

- Steph Irson, in person (poet, didn’t know it, etc)!

- New Shou busts!

- Tanis on Myrellion now offers bow training! (Nega Kelt intensifies!)

- A new shop in Kressia (with new items!)

- Half Kui-Tan starting race!

- More bugfixes than I care to retype!

You can sample the latest version of TiTS in your browser by following this link. Fans of mobile gaming can also try out the Android and iOS versions of the game, which are available at the same place mentioned above. Another new Trials in Tainted Space update is sure to come knocking at our door next month.

For further information on lewd game updates and more, be sure to follow us on Twitter.

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