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STRIKEWORKS's TyranoBuilder – Steam Release Update

Recent months have shown certain updates on a variety of programs. RPG Maker 2003‘s availability on steam is only one example that has announced the potential arrival of game development programs to a bigger audience. This isn’t an isolated case, as visual novel program TyranoBuilder has joined the Steam crowd and updates the features of their development program.

The most significant update is the support for Live 2D technology. This update gives prospective developers the ability to convert two-dimensional images into three-dimensional models with limited animation.

Additionally, some equally important features have been revealed:

  • Online asset library with ready-to-use sample assets (characters, backgrounds, Live2D models & more to follow!)
  • Cloud saving (up to 1gb)
  • Character art resizing within the positioning tool
  • Character art mirroring
  • Branch button resizing and positioning by drag and drop
  • Scenario file duplication, deletion and renaming
  • Spaces can be used in labels (they are converted to underscores)
  • ‘Complete before Proceeding’ option added to Join / Exit Scene
  • Create New Project settings can skipped/agreed to by pressing Enter
  • Various localization tweaks and fixes

Steam has taken steps to ensure that owners of previous versions won’t lose any content that is common in prospective updates :

Every effort has been made to ensure that projects made with the previous version of TyranoBuilder will be completely compatible with the updated version, we 100% rule out the possibility of an issue coming up depending on particular projects.

To allow for this, we have taken two steps:

1) TyranoBuilder will automatically detect projects created in the previous version and offer to create a backup before converting to the new build. Please backup your project just to be safe!

2) The previous version of TyranoBuilder will still be available as a Beta version from your Steam Library. To access the previous version, right-click on TyranoBuilder in your Steam Library, and go to Properties > BETAS and select Previous build from the drop down menu. Please revert to this version if you find that your project has incompatibility issues with the current build.

Prospective game developers or hobbyists can purchase this program on its steam page. Lastly, Steam is planning a possible developers contest and has teased the community with the prospect of prices and prestige while encouraging more development in the process.

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