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Senran Kagura’s main producer Kenichiro Takaki had a quite productive time at this year’s E3, answering multiple questions regarding the franchise for various publications.

The next publication that managed to get a hold of the boob-loving dev after Siliconera is Niche Gamer. Takaki himself was more than happy to answer any questions about Senran Kagura and the future of the franchise.

Niche Gamer’s first question alludes to the Ikkitousen and Dead or Alive character and costume DLC and if the developers are planning to add more of such content through third parties or other means

“So we have Ayame (Senran Kagura: New Wave G Burst), Ayane from DOA (Dead or Alive) coming out, we do have some characters from Ikki Tousen coming out […] If the question is are there more characters coming out in the future, then yes, but I can’t reveal anything at this point.”

The next question inquired if Takaki himself ever expected the Senran Kagura games to become so popular and if this popularity will incite the creation of more titles in the franchise.

“Yes, it’s something that I always wanted to think – it would be nice if it became that, but I never expected it to be this big, the size of the fan community and whatnot.

When we created the first one, we created it for a very specific community target, but I still had fun creating it within that small scale. I’m really surprised by how it turned out. So yes, I am very surprised.

As for other platforms, of course I’m very curious. It would be nice to do something with Project Morpheus. Maybe in one or two years PS5 might come out? So, in those cases I definitely want to see something in that as well.”

As a follow-up to the last question, Niche Gamer asked if Takaki sees a joint potential of Senran Kagura and Sony’s VR headset Project Morpheus.

“I’m always curious about what Morpheus does. As a spec, it’s an awesome device. I won’t be able to produce Estival Versus as is with Morpheus, but it would be more going into the Senran Kagura atmosphere.

For example, there’s five girls right now [translator points to screen demoing the game].

It would be like you’re sitting in the middle of that, and you get to look at them and be part of that atmosphere. Not really as a game right now, it’s just a concept, an idea. I have no idea if it’ll come true or when it will come out.”

In the latter parts of the interview Takaki has also briefly touched his inspirations as a creator (mentioning liking SNK games among other things) and adding that due to recent changes at Marvelous Entertainment he feels like has a lot more creative freedom.

Niche Gamer’s final interview query dealt with the potential PC releases for the Senran Kagura games, tying it together with XSEED’s latest decision to bring more titles to that platform.

“It is something that I always think about daily, like how do we create it. I’m not sure at this point if I can bring Estival Versus over to the PC.

I would love for the fans to create their own mods, and just go crazy on their creativity. I can’t really say if it will happen on Estival Versus, but it is something that I have on my mind, and how to make it work.”

LewdGamer is aware that during his time at E3 Takaki was also interviewed by various other publications and we will continue to report gradually on other interviews with this lewd and outspoken developer as soon as they appear on our radar.

Tamsoft’s latest games, Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson and Senran Kagura: Estival Versus are both coming to North America and Europe thanks to XSEED Games (North American publisher) and Marvelous AQL Europe (European publisher).

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Source: Niche Gamer

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