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Senran Kagura Lead Developer on the Problems with Small Breasts

In a recent E3 Siliconera interview with Senran Kagura’s lead developer, Kenichiro Takaki talks about breasts and how they affect game production.

Kenichiro Takaki is one of the few game developers that is really open about his tastes in lewdness and especially big beautiful and bouncy breasts. With mammaries as the center of his professional work, Takaki has been the lead developer of all Senran Kagura games so far and has been gradually bringing his perverse, yet honest, vision to life for fans all around the world.

In his interview with the gaming news website Siliconera, the Japanese developer has answered a couple of questions regarding big and small breasts and how they influence the creation of his supremely lewd female shinobi battling titles. In response to Siliconera’s question about how big can breasts get before they become a problem during development, Takaki answers with the following:

“If they got any bigger than this (he points to the screen where a particularly busty Estival Versus character is leaning toward the viewer) I think that we’d have issues with them popping out over the top of the arm, or maybe having their arm completely clip through their breast! We might need some better machine specs to get those physics right…”

Sometime later during the interview Takaki also mentions why working with small breasts is the hardest element of Senran Kagura development and how it can affect the physics engine built around the game itself.

“Gameplay wise? Hmm, I think that characters like Ryoubi or Mirai are the hardest to deal with because they have small breasts. Since the whole game is based on larger breast sizes, and that’s what the [physics engine] is built around, we actually have to customize the movement on [small breasted characters] to make it work.”

LewdGamer is certain that Takaki will continue to amaze the world with his honest enthusiasm and will continue to produce bodacious and memorable characters for years to come. Kenichiro Takaki also has his own personal Twitter account, on which he regularly expresses his love for sexy anime girls and also regularly interacts with his fans.

Tamsoft’s latest games, Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson and Senran Kagura: Estival Versus are both coming to North America and Europe thanks to XSEED Games (North American publisher) and Marvelous AQL Europe (European publisher).

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Source: Siliconera

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