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Robotic Sex Dolls Production Revealed

Technology seems to have taken another big leap into real progress within the adult industry. Gone are the days of searching aimlessly for a suitable partner that suits your every need.

A new project called Robotrix is an attempt to construct a sex doll that possesses some degree of sentience. Mr. McMullen the creator of RealDoll, is the project’s leading developer and has been active in this business since 1996. His business used to be the construction and development of sex dolls, in an attempt to make them more appealing. This idea isn’t halted by this new project which tries to innovate the genre, as the sex dolls will possess the ability to interact verbally with customers

Mr. McMullen plans to utilize a great attention to detail in the construction of these mechanical sex dolls, combining mainstream technology such as app programming into the doll’s systems. These apps will provide assistance and would work in tandem with included technologies. However, the construction of building a convincing artificial intelligence system in these dolls remains his priority. He even tries to implement minor details such as blinking, and the opening of their mouth, which is demonstrated in the video below.

The biggest challenge in the production of these dolls isn’t the mechanical production or customizing the artificial intelligence. The uncanny valley effect, described in a book by a Japanese researcher Masahiro Mori in 1970 could potentially ignite feelings of revulsion in potential buyers. These feelings of revulsion are caused by the dolls resemblance to actual humans and will occur if the resemblance is too extensive, though not quite realistic enough.

Mr. McMullen has stated that their dolls won’t resemble humans to such a degree of being in the uncanny valley, as the goal of the project isn’t to make copies of humans. He has stated that buyers can expect the prospect of a robotic sex doll in two years, as the first Robotrix head will be commercially available for $10.000 and can be attached to a RealDoll. The full body counterpart will cost around $30.000 to $60.000.

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