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Play Club Uncensored Mod and First Person PoV Mod

Play Club, the newest addition to Illusion’s expansive set of sex simulators, is already getting some spectacular mods made for it.

Honestly, it’s no surprise that a new Illusion game would be getting modders’ attention right off the bat. The modding community has adopted Illusion as its prodigy child and will nurture it for as long as new games are being made.

A den for all kinds of sexy and utilitarian modifications has almost always been the Hongfire forums. You can expect most if not all of our showcased mods to stem from that particular forum, and if you are a fan modifying sex simulator games, you should add it to your browser favorites posthaste.

The first mod we will be taking a look at today is the ever so popular decensor mod by Hongfire forum user rathren. The genital censorship in all Illusion games has always been on the very strict side, and before any kind of modding happened you were usually forced to view sex scenes with flesh-colored, mosaic chemical rods for the penises and mutilated pixel dioramas for the vaginas. Here is what rathren has to say about their mod.

This mod includes a male mesh decensored, a female decensored by me. And translation thanks to jhn65er6yjhe

The female mesh change is still left. Because I could not figure out how to do it yet. Also the penis animation is not perfect in some positions. I had to change the skin because the original one by illusion doesn’t insert it becomes longer and smaller.

The mod is constantly being updated, so keep an eye out for it in the link mentioned above, as new versions are bound to come out in due time.

The second Play Club modification we will be covering today is the First-Person & Eye Contact camera mod by HF forum user EusthEnoptEron.

Enables eye contact and first-person view. Btw. with the latest PlayClub update, you can also use a native function to enable eye-contact, but this mod has less limitations.

The mod made especially for fans of first-person PoV sex, unlocks the limited camera angles of the original game and allows you to take a look at the action through the eyes of the male model during h-scenes. The final result is quite impressive to say the least.

This is something you would want in your face any day.

As with the previous genital uncensored mod, the PoV mod is by no means finalized, and you can expect it to get updated on a regular basis.

You can find new Play Club mod releases and instructions on how to install them in the HF Play Club Mod Release thread. If you are having any technical difficulties with installation process you can also check out the HF Play Club Mod Discussion section of the forums that is always bursting with activity and people willing provide assistance.

Be sure to keep an eye out for new Play Club PC mod features on our service in the near future and follow us on Twitter for updates and more.

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