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No One But You - First Look

Disclaimer: Demo copy was provided by Unwonted Studios

Competition is fierce in the visual novel industry, and even Dating Sims are not excluded from this alternating environment. No One But You from Unwonted Studios is a title that proclaims to set new standards for the genre, and an early access demo managed to provide me some insights in these preliminary statements. No One But You is a visual novel dating sim that seems to have gathered a big audience to its name. Their Kickstarter project has been very successful, and a recent green light on Steam combined with a future release on MangaGamer shows promise for its official release.

The game itself appears to be a regular dating Sim on the front, but show features that are uncommon in the Dating Sim genre. The story follows in the footsteps of our protagonist Hideaki, as he recently moved to a new neighbourhood and happened to encounter various females of different personalities. Such premises are common for dating Sims, but I did notice a tease of mysteriousness that surrounded the overall premise. It can be hypothesised that future versions will include more insight in this aspect, but it did manage to peek my curiosity to some extent.

It is a little premature to judge this game entirely as early versions are infamous for bugs and problems. However, I did have some reservation regarding the characters sprites and background. The artistic aspect lacked some refinement, but I hope this is only contributed to the game’s unfinished state and not its stylistic choices.

We did manage to obtain a quote from the developer, briefly explaining their aspirations for this title:

Our team at Unwonted studios isn’t trying to make yet another common dating Sim. Our goal is making this a title you will cry over. Your average dating Sim has an apparent way to get on a route along with almost no choices, but in No One But You, you will get an actual visual novel where you have to dig to find the way to the girls hearts instead of it being thrust into your face.

The lewd content will come from a patch. And you can also buy the lewd version from MangaGamer. The steam version will be all ages. And the amount of lewd content had not been decided yet.

No One But You will premiere on May 18th and will include its first demo on this date. No specific date has been chosen for its full release, but fans can expect it at the end of this year.

Players hoping to support this game can either visit the developers site for news or have the option to support them on Kickstarter.

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