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NIS Going Steady with Sony 2015

Going forward into this year, Nippon Ichi Software will be operating and distributing their games exclusively with Sony. Nippon Ichi Software (NIS), is the studio responsible for Criminal Girls, and the Disgaea series. (Credit goes to “Bear” for this info.)

According to Gematsu , Sohei Niikawa, NIS’s company president stated—while speaking to 4Gamer, that most of their home console games have shifted. From now on, all NIS titles will be on Playstation 4—with the only PS3 titles being localised ones. Nikawa stated that it’s because nobody else is making the jump to be exclusive and he feels there is value in setting their sights on on PS4. He said as a result of their decision to be exclusive, they’ve received support from Sony, and are able to put out commercials and other promotions. In regards to the promotional aspect, there has been merit to their decision.

Niikawa further elaborated mentioning a personal interest in the decision. He said if NIS were putting out games constantly for older hardware, they would be outclassed fairly fast from a technical perspective. Humbly stating how small NIS are, Niikawa said that going multi-platform and accommodating older generations of consoles would mean tuning their output to the relative capabilities of older technology. He feels that’s not how progress is made in the industry, and that it just isn’t interesting to the company as a whole.

He needs NIS to be challenged consistently, and while a lot of companies generally take a wait-and-see approach with the new generation, consumers aren’t seeing many new titles on next-gen. Because there aren’t as many new titles coming out for the newer generations, Niikawa feels that customers are being cautious and it’s making them wary to upgrade to the new consoles. He sees it as their job as game developers to “bring that energy to life”, and vitalise the market, stating. “Of course, saying it is one thing and doing is another, but when we made this decision to switch over, we did it because we’re really enthusiastic about helping make that shift happen ourselves.”

While Niikawa didn’t remark on future PSVita titles, it’s a fairly safe bet to assume that portable titles will be released exclusively on Sony’s handheld console,

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