...the fuck?

Lewd Warfare, an 18+ Match 3 RPG is in the Works

The developer known as Ironstrom has just announced a new erotic RPG focusing on “match 3” gameplay called Lewd Warfare.


“Lewd Warfare is a Match 3 RPG fought by units with abilities & spells, over a Nation conquest/risk style map against multiple factions. Set in a fantasy world it includes Factions based on hybrid humanoids, Elves, Amazons and Mages with more to come. Each Faction has 4 unique units with one faction leader and all are artistically represented with full body art on screen.

You’ll be able to play as each faction but it’ll take us some time to work the story components into each of them. There are additionally various Neutral units which will be attainable through various means.

We’re aiming to make games featuring lewd content which are also fundamentally good games at their core but can still stand on its own two feet even without the adult content. The Lewd content itself is the Icing that we enjoy as part of the experience. Whilst we enjoy Match 3 content there are many other projects we’d like to work on in the future with the experience to do so. But we are working within our current budget. Over the course of the project given support from you, our patreon supporters, will be able to spend more time and bring in additional talent for specialist circumstances. From custom UI design, voice acting, web design sound effects and music work.”

Lewd Warfare’s Patreon description also highlights several release windows for the game’s first playable versions, which will be available to all backers of the project.


July-August (v0.2-v0.6) Version 0.2 will be our first public playable build that we’ll distribute to our pledgers. Version 0.6 will bring us into a complete Beta version where we’ll start to polish and balance the game out to become the experience which we’ll want you guys to play and enjoy.

September (v0.7-v0.9) Versions 0.7 and 0.8 will be our last Beta builds before moving on to a release candidate. Version 0.9 will be our release candidate that’s an art and feature complete build which we’ll quality check and later be released as our v1.0.

LewdGamer has personally contacted the developers of the game and received more detailed information about the team’s development plans.

Each character will have three abilities/spells that affect the game’s board and cause damage to enemies. There will be a separate screen that will house the tentatively named overworld/conquest map. The player will be able to navigate the world in a similar way to moving on a tabletop Risk board. All unit upgrading, managing of in-game resources, and recruiting new troops will also be done on another game field, along with diplomacy options and dialogue interactions.

Lewd Warfare will also feature a leveling up system that will help the player to unlock more abilities and outfits for their chosen characters. Attaining more character levels will also be beneficial to opening up new dialogue options between characters, eventually leading to pornographic scenes. Ironstrom himself has mentioned NSFW scenes being varied based on the faction the player has chosen along with “Conquest Style” and “Duel Style” lewd content.

Ironstrom’s team is also pondering including voiceover work into their game, along with a “clothing damage” system integrated into the “match 3” game-play mechanic with added verbal interactions.

Even without a playable build released just yet, the devs behind Lewd Warfare have a very ambitious game on their hands, that might turn a lot of heads down the development line. LewdGamer will be watching the production of Lewd Warfare with bated breath and will be sure inform you as soon as something exciting happens when the first versions of the game are released.

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