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Katawa Shoujo Final 1.3.1 Release and End of Support

One of the biggest Western eroge visual novel projects Katawa Shoujo, has finally reached its end with the final release marked

version 1.3.1 .

The final release of this disabled dating sim title also marks the end of the official support of the game as stated by the developers in their official blog post. The whole statement from Four Leaf Studios can also be read just below this paragraph.

Katawa Shoujo 1.3.1 is released! It contains several script fixes for the Japanese localization.

Download the release from our website or directly from these links:

Torrent:Windows |Mac OS X |LinuxDDL:Windows |Mac OS X |Linux“This is in all likelihood the final release of Katawa Shoujo ever.

This release also marks the end of official support for KS. From now on we won’t guarantee technical or emotional support for Katawa Shoujo-related issues. Regardless, you can still contact 4LS at our email, social media, forums or IRC for any reason, as before.

In the absence of official support for translation projects, we’ve made an instruction set to facilitate releasing independent translations. 4LS won’t guarantee to provide any kind of support to any translation project from this point forwards, but we wish any prospective or ongoing translation project the best of luck. See here for the instructions and the translation license.

Thanks to everyone who made all of this possible.

– Aura

Originally a project spawned from 4chan’s /a/ board and inspired by a concept art sketch by the artist known as RAITAKatawa Shoujo (Disability Girls) quickly grew into a huge international visual novel project that took several years to complete. Released in acts starting from 2009 and finally getting a full content version in 2012, Katawa Shoujo has been on almost everyone’s lips in the visual novel community. Due to the game’s intense and widespread popularity, it eventually got translated (both fully and partially) into several different languages and even received a mobile Android port shortly after its initial English release.

The latest news regarding Katawa Shoujo has seen it getting an actual Japanese physical copy release (seen below) and being sold at the Comitia 112 event at Tokyo Big Sight on 5th of May of this year.

With Four Leaf Studios finally abandoning the project, the future of Katawa Shoujo is uncertain. You can still find a lot of bigger and smaller pockets of the visual novel’s fans all around the Internet, with the latest one I personally checked currently running a general discussion thread numbered with 2698Katawa Shoujo’s popularity may have indeed dropped significantly since its first release, but there are still a lot of ongoing fan projects that translate the game for new foreign audiences and some of the more involved enthusiasts will always be eager to produce more fan art of their beloved title.

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