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Kara no Shoujo 2 Official Translation is Complete

Visual novel and eroge publisher MangaGamer has recently announced that the translation for Kara no Shoujo 2 has been completed.

Sequel to the popular murder mystery eroge and visual novel Kara no Shoujo has now been completed as announced by MangaGamer on their official ask.fm page. MG’s representative has also stated that the editing process for the game is 2/3 done and that we should expect a demo to be made available in the next couple of months.

“The translation is complete, and editing is about 2/3 complete. Once that’s finished we’ll need at least a month or two to properly beta test everything. We might be able to have the demo up sometime in the coming months, though.”

Kara no Shoujo 2, also known as Kara no Shoujo – The Second Episode, takes place 2 years after the first game ended and follows an investigation into a murder of a young woman in a remote Japanese village. Be warned that the following plot synopsis contains MASSIVE SPOILERS for the first title in the series.

Prewar-era Japan.

Deep in the snowy mountains of northwestern Japan, there exists a settlement called Hitogata, the Village of Dolls. On the night of the festival honoring the clay idol Hinna-sama, a girl is murdered. The villagers all blame Hinna-sama’s curse. One outside the faith has joined in the festival of Hinna-sama, and brought the painful death of the curse down upon themself.

October, 1957. Two years have passed since Kuchiki Touko’s abduction from her hospital room. Tokisaka Reiji’s younger sister saves a man who had tried to commit suicide. He, too, is the most recent victim of “Hinna-sama’s curse”—— Tokisaka Reiji begins his investigation, clinging desperately to the hope that Touko can be saved—— And at the same time, a strange religious group said to have dissolved six years ago begins to move again, to put a certain plan into motion——

The curse will be carried out, whether by the gods or by human hands.

You can find screenshots from the Japanese version of the game below.

The second entry into the ambitious Kara no Shoujo saga is without a doubt something to look forward to for fans of detective stories, bone-chilling gore and great artistic direction. Here’s hoping MangaGamer deliver this big visual novel release sooner than they have planned.

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