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Kangoku Senkan 2 Based JAV to Premiere Soon

A porn adaptation of the critically acclaimed Kangoku Senkan 2 nukige visual novel by Lilith, Soft will soon be available for purchase.

ZIZ Entertainment, responsible for creating multiple JAV (Japanese adult video) movies based on erotic Lilith Soft visual novels, is at it again. This time around ZIZ got their hands on Kangoku Senkan 2 ~Yousai Toshi no Sennou Kaizou~ also known by its English title Inescapable Battleship 2: Brainwashing Modification in the Fortified CityKangoku Senkan 2 is the second game in the Kangoku Senkan series of nukige focusing on themes of mind control, torture, and sexual corruption. You can check out how the VN’s characters looked in the game’s original visuals below this paragraph.

LewdGamer went ahead and translated the introduction and cast pages from ZIZ’s official Kangoku Senkan 2 ~Yousai Toshi no Sennou Kaizou~ preview page for your reading pleasure, and to provide you with more information on the production itself.

Intro: The plan to brainwash and reconstruct people and destroy their individuality is underway in the fortified city!

The 5th story in the ZIZ series. The game and anime hit, with sales exceeding 230,000, Kangoku Senkan is getting a live-action adaptation. The movie is based on the adult PC game Kangoku Senkan 2 ~Yousai Toshi no Sennou Kaizou~. The theme of brainwashing and the world it takes place in return once again, this time in live-action. Two ladies star in this tale of secret brainwashing and personality reconstruction inside the fortified city, turning them into sex slaves. The role of Alicia, the fierce and fiery female shogun of Cordelia, will be played by Ooba Yui. Cordelia’s next-in-line to be Grand Duchess, the imperial princess Maya, will be played by Kurata Mao. Finally, the officer with a calm demeanor, and the ability to make sensible, reasoned judgments at all times, the beautiful Rieri, is played by Sasaki Remi. The adaptation will be as faithful as possible to the game, while adding the appeal of live-action, making it perfect for any fans of the games, anime, or live-action. Please dive into the new world of Kangoku Senkan, created by a spirited staff, and unique actresses!

Alicia Viewstroem: The fearsome and fiery female shogun of Cordelia.

The regent of the principality of Cordelia and commander of Cordelia’s military forces. The daughter of the previous duke, Eulud Cordelia’s younger brother, Count Leif Viewstroem. When she was still young, both Eulud and Lief were assassinated, and Alicia became guardian of the still young successor, princess Maya; thus becoming the regent as well. Celebrated as the hero behind Cordelia’s sudden rise to power, Alicia is popular among retainers and countrymen alike. Governing with a hands-on approach, while also showing her undying loyalty to Maya, she is revered as a true warrior. Overflowing with love for Maya Cordelia, she’s more of a guardian or mother than an older sister.

Maya Cordelia: The to-be princess, destined to rule the country of military might, Cordelia.

The daughter of the last duke, Eulud, destined to eventually rule Cordelia. A true princess that, like Alicia, is loved by retainers and countrymen alike. While under the protection of her guardian Alicia she studies how to rule. Seemingly highly talented, while also being a very hard worker, Alicia has high hopes for Maya’s future. Because of Alicia’s doting, Maya is a bit of a sheltered girl, and lacks in common sense and common customs. While not as much as Alicia’s, Maya has plenty of royal dignity and intelligence, and is full of youthful energy.

Rieri Bishop: A female officer, possessing both the ability to make calm, reasoned judgments, and an intense beauty.

A high ranking member of the Space Federation Military Police Investigations Unit. A composed and beautiful female officer. Seeing that the Neo Terrors faction was a den of corruption and evil, she allied herself with the New Solal faction, who believed the galaxy should be run fairly, and force should be used to correct the Neo Terror’s wrongdoings. Her abilities and beauty have made her very popular among the New Solal citizens. She’s currently trying to resolve the Jasant incident by catching the escaped spy Don Bougan.

Dino Dilasso: A spy in the Space Federation Military, plotting to overthrow the government.

A Space Federation Lieutenant Colonel. An information’s officer and supporter of the Neo Terrors faction from inside Cordelia. He’s planning to use various means to overthrow the current government. Currently infiltrating Cordelia as an Archbishop. Continuing from as long ago as when the Cordelia royal family was still on Earth, the Archbishop has occupied the highest position in the church, and as God’s representative, has the important role of acknowledging the next ruler.

The 290 minute porn movie will feature a lot of varied sex scenes, some not of the vanilla variety, but fans of more regular “down to earth” sexual experiences won’t be disappointed either. A couple of short movie clips taken directly from the production can be viewed by following this link. We have acquired some image samples from a couple of the erotic scenes below.

The Kangoku Senkan ~Yousai Toshi no Sennou Kaizou~ will be coming out in Japan on the 26th of June. ZIZ Entertainment has also prepared unique bonuses in the form of special items if you decide to purchase the movie from the outlets below.

ZIZ.net official shop gets you a “behind the scenes” special feature with around 30 minutes of extras and a random set of three autographed small photos. This particular offer is for a limited time only, especially the photos. Once those are gone, you only get the extra DVD. Amazon gets you a set of about 120 extra 1920×1080 digital images based around the brainwashing scene. Purchasing the video from Lammtarra gets you the 3 random signed photos, plus the 120 extra digital images—this time centered around Ooba Yui. Kaitori Max gets you the extra 120 digital images, featuring Kurata Mao. Lastly; while the DMM purchase option is already gone, it featured a set of digital pictures with Sasaki Remi.

ZIZ has been keeping its JAV release schedule consistent over the past few months, so fans of their work should be seeing previews of new movies relatively soon.

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