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JAST USA's Anime Expo 2015 Game Annoucements

JAST USA’s Anime Expo panel has come to a close a few hours ago and had yielded some interesting announcements to share with all attendees.

JAST USA’s first announcement deals with bringing Innocent Grey’s episodic mystery shoujo ai (story focusing on girl-on-girl romance) focused visual novel Flowers -Le Volume sur Printemps- over to the West.

The game takes place at an all-girls academy in the middle of a dense forest and follows the adventures of a newly enrolled female student Shirahane Suou. Suou’s decision to attend Saint Angraecum Academy was motivated by the school’s experimental program “Amitié”, in which students are matched together and are tasked to start friendly relationships with each other. Souou, having led a rather sheltered life, finds this the perfect opportunity to make new friends and develop her social skills. As our heroine explores both friendly and romantic relationships with other students, a series of mysterious disappearances starts to occur at the academy.

While the PC visual novel is rated all-ages it does, however, contain a hefty amount of lesbian romance and mild sexual themes for all lewd and non-lewd yuri enthusiasts to enjoy. Innocent Grey plans to release the full story in four separate episodes themed around four seasons of the year. JAST USA has stated that Flowers Spring Arc will come out this fall season. Check out a few select screenshots from the Japanese version of the game below this paragraph.

The second announcement related to Nitroplus’ and Regista’s PC game Communication with Sonico (or SoniComi for short) and starring their titular mascot character and gravure idol, Super Sonico. In SoniComi, the player takes on the role of Super Sonico’s personal photographer and is charged with making her top idol in the industry

SoniComi is divided into two modes. In the first, the game progresses much the same way like a typical visual novel. All character interactions are performed through text choices with a few point-and-click sections strewn about as well. The player’s relationship with Sonico is dependent on the responses and action he chooses as the story progresses.

The second mode “photography” provides the real lewd meat of the game. In these sections, the player will be taking on various client requests for specific photos featuring Sonico. To complete each contract, one will have to decide the location of the shoot, what Sonico will wear for it and what poses she will have to take. Successfully completing requests will unlock more costumes for our pink-haired partner and affect which of the multiple available paths the player’s relationship with her will go.

Just as with Flowers, the game does not feature any explicit sexual content, but the theme of being a gravure photographer and taking snaps of Sonico’s meaty and curvy body makes up for that in spades. Communication with Sonico is set to premiere in North America this winter season. Be sure not to miss some of the screenshots from the original Japanese release of the game below.

The last of the JAST USA’s Anime Expo panel announcements were about the premier of three previously announced games. The yuri-themed adult PC RPG Lightning Warrior Raidy III will come out in July, 0verflow’s interactive animated PC eroge Shiny Days should be coming out the following month in August and to top off the release line-up, Xuse’s erotic strategy RPG Seinarukana -The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2- will be coming out in September.

Surely this expansive set of titles will make any fan of Japanese adult entertainment happy. We are hoping to hear more from JAST in the very near future.

There are still a lot of interesting visual novels and eroge panels to go! Be sure to follow LewdGamer’s Twitter account for more Anime Expo 2015 announcements.

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