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Hyperdimension Great War Neptunia Vs. Sega Hardware Girls Announcement

New info has been released regarding the upcoming installment in the Neptunia series, Hyperdimension Great War Neptunia Vs. Sega Hardware Girls.

Hyperdimension Great War Neptunia Vs. Sega Hardware Girls, the upcoming collaboration by Sega and Compile Heart was announced back in March, and recent news elaborates further on its characters and setting. The game will contain a mixture of Sega Hardware girls and Neptunia characters, both of whom will be featured in two future protagonists. The new Sega Hardware girls represent the various Sega Consoles of the past, such as the Dreamcast, Megadrive and Sega Saturn. More news on these characters has yet to be revealed, but we do know the protagonists include the familiar IF and a new girl named Hatsumi Sega. As with the other entries in the series, this new character is also designed by Tsunako.

Dungeon exploration seems to be part of the game’s content, offering plenty of opportunities to crawl through the nooks and crannies of various dungeons. Where crawling is required to progress, characters are placed in suggestive positions, showing off some supple skin. For now, the developers have announced the game to be released on the Playstation Vita, although previous releases indicate that a PlayStation 3 release of Hyperdimension Great War Neptunia Vs. Sega Hardware Girls might be possible in the future.

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