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Empress' Newest Eroge Closed GAME Is Out in Japan

Closed GAME, a new sci-fi nukige by the eroge company Empress has just been released in Japan.

Closed GAME is the second of Empress’ newest visual novel titles (the first being P/A ~Potential Ability~) produced in high definition. As with most games from this company, the bodacious art is provided by none other than Sei Shoujo. The VN’s plot centers around a dystopian Earth in the future, where the divide between the rich and poor has only increased, adding in spades to the already serious economic and societal problems plaguing humanity. In this world seemingly abandoned by God, there exists a city in the sky known as Caelum Urbs, which offers salvation and prosperity to a few select humans, but at a great price.

LewdGamer went ahead and translated the game’s story synopsis and character overview from the game’s official Getchu shop page for your reading pleasure.

Game intro:

After our previous title, P/A ~Potential Ability~, we’re proud to present Empress’s second full HD eroge! See if you can handle the dangerously amazing art of Sei Shoujo in this game, now on sale!

This time around, the girls are on the level of goddesses. We’ve got an assortment of strong heroines, but some of the ones we’ve highlighted here are a gun-toting girl, a girl that sells lemonade, a diva whose days are numbered, and an unpredictable story! Most importantly, however, it’s all erotic! Pay attention to this next section!


Earth’s present condition is one of extreme disparity. Wherever you look, the difference between poor and rich has widened immensely and natural resources are drying up. People looked to the heavens in this desperate world, with many people able to do nothing but pray for a divine blessing. But no matter how many plead, or how much it was begged for, salvation never came. That’s the simple reality of the world cut off from God.

However, there was another presence in this world besides God that offered salvation: within the heavenly body floating in the sky, Caelum Urbs, resided beings known as “The Sky People.” Unlike Earth, the people living within Caleum Urbs can obtain anything thanks to advanced medical research, including everlasting life.

The beings within Caelum Urbs only told the earthlings this: “From heaven falls a chance…”

Those who spoke of the world beyond the sky also spoke of a curious rumor: a game that Caelum Urbs holds, dubbed the Closed GAME. Survive the Closed GAME, and you earn the right to become a “Sky Person.”

Humans of the Earth have been waiting for this day. The day a chance falls from heaven…


Celicia Lockhart / CV: Tezuka Ryouko

- Height: 165 cm, Weight: 49 kg

- Three Sizes: Bust 86 cm, Waist 55 cm, Hips 85 cm

- Blood Type: AB

- Occupation: Bounty Hunter

- Hobbies: Collecting guns

- Special Technique: Revolver shooting

- Likes: Tougo, guns

- Dislikes: poverty, slimy things

Celine’s older twin sister. After their parents’ unexplained disappearance, they’ve lived a humble life at an orphanage institution. Her largest talent lies in speed shooting using her oversized twin revolvers. With them, she can use her her strangely named move “Double Pull the Trigger.” Convinced to go to the speed shooting tournament by the sheriff George, she managed to hit all the targets in a mere 1.2 seconds and earned her alias. Possibly because of her sister, she became a bounty hunter despite Tougo’s protests. She also has a very poor sense of direction.

“I’m fine with putting 5 or 6 more holes in your ass!”

Celine Verxina / CV: Oka Riina

- Height: 165 cm

- Weight: 49 kg

- Three sizes: Bust 86 cm, Waist 55 cm, Hips 85 cm

- Blood Type: AB

- Occupation: Closed GAME program director

- Hobbies: Learning how to be a good ruler

- Special technique: Handgun shooting

- Likes: Things that make Michiko happy

- Dislikes: Things that make Michiko unhappy.

Celine Verxina, formerly known as Celine Lockhart, is Celicia’s younger. She originally lived with Celicia back in the institution when she was younger, until Michiko suddenly appeared and invited only Celine to live in the sky. As a kid, Celine was very introverted and had a terrible sense of direction, so Celicia always helped her out, and seemed like a wonderful big sister. However, the woman that appeared over ten years later in front of Celicia as a program director for Closed GAME looked nothing like her younger self. Her dominate right arm still has a scar from when she hurt it as a kid.

“I’ve come to bestow you a chance, onee-sama.”

Michiko Verxina / CV: Nakano Shino

- Height: 175 cm

- Weight: 54 kg

- Three sizes: Bust 90 cm, Waist 60 cm, Hips 92 cm

- Blood Type: B

- Occupation: Producer

- Hobbies: Burning time

- Special techniques: Sex

- Likes: Things that give you an adrenaline rush

- Dislikes: Boredom

The producer of Closed GAME, born and raised in Caelum Urbs. However, “raised” isn’t quite accurate, as she was not birthed, but created from cultures in a lab. Sex and the exchange of bodily fluids is seen as vulgar in Caelum Urbs, to the point that anyone harboring videos of such acts are treated as criminals. It isn’t as though residents have no interest in sex, of course. Because having an interest is so looked down upon, they’re very wary of how others see them, and it bleeds over into how they behave.

That’s when Michiko thought of an idea for a program to show the residents of Caelum Urbs. One of the ideas for this show was to use Earthlings in vulgar acts feared by The Sky People. What began as “Freak Show” would later become the Closed GAME. The ratings for the show were fantastic, and as a producer, Michiko received tons of public support.


Cocona Stemper / CV: Tairagi Maachi

- Height: 156 cm

- Weight: 44 kg

- Three sizes: Bust 78 cm, Waist 55 cm, Hips 80 cm

- Blood Type: O

- Occupation: Lemonade Seller

- Hobbies: Home Gardening

- Special technique: Cooking

- Likes: Her little brother and sister

- Dislikes: Hairy Caterpillars

A young girl that was raised in a poor family and is selling lemonade in town to earn enough to support her and her siblings’ cost of living. Their parents were very cruel to children and threw them all out. Due the abuse, Cocona still has a scar on her back even today. Being a very kind person, she entered the Closed GAME to survive and live in Caelum Urbs with her little brother and sister.

“Next time, please come try some of Cocona’s lemonade.”

Lacey Mallett / CV: Kitano Ari

- Height: 168 cm

- Weight: 52 kg

- Three sizes: Bust 87 cm, Waist 60 cm, Hips 85 cm

- Blood Type: B

- Occupation: Idol

- Hobbies: Singing

- Special technique: Singing

- Likes: Her own songs

- Dislikes: Tone-deafness

A famous woman more commonly known as The Poor Man’s Singing Princess. Going so far as to sing at bars and the like, there isn’t anyone in town who hasn’t heard of Lacey’s name. Due to her beautiful voice and appearance, she’s constantly hit on by men, a common occurrence she’s quite sick of. Lacey doesn’t sing for money and believes that she was “born to sing her songs.” She was selected as a Closed GAME participant, and ventures there to spread her songs even to the world above the sky.

“Why don’t you sing something too?”

Marielle Clemens / CV: Himari

- Height: 160 cm

- Weight: 47 kg

- Three sizes: Bust 83 cm, Waist 56 cm, Hips 82 cm

- Blood Type: O

- Occupation: Unemployed

- Hobbies: Laying in the sun

- Special technique: Can tell what type of drug something is just by the taste

- Likes: Sweet things

- Dislikes: Her own illness

A woman who was told she wouldn’t live to 20 years old due to her fragile body. She was close to surrendering hope while on Earth until she was invited to the world above the sky. She had regained her hope and thought she would be able to fix her condition if she went to Caelum Urbs. However, she awoke in the middle of a stark white room. She was forced in participate in the Closed GAME, and knew she would never reach Caelum Urbs if she didn’t survive. Faced with such an onerous task, she once again descended into despair.

“Th-this is medicine used to treat the cause of repeated, acute inflammatory demyelination of the nerves, isn’t it…”

Main Character: Tougo Magnaten

- Height: 172 cm

- Weight, 72 kg

- Blood Type: A

- Occupation: Mechanic

- Hobby: Messing around with machines

- Special technique: Can restore old machines and program ICs

- Likes: Low-tech machine maintenance

- Dislikes: High-tech machines

A young man raised in the same orphanage as Celicia and Celine. He knows most of their quirks and embarrassing moments as he looked after them quite a bit. When any conversation takes a turn toward those subjects, Celicia usually threatens him at gunpoint. Once he turned 18, he left the institution and began work at a repair shop. Celina often comes to hang out there and usually talks with Touga about nothing in particular, until she gets satisfied and leaves. He’s very interested in restoring old machines, so whenever he finds old parts, he gets really excited.

“I wonder if there’s a more low-tech machine around here…”

George Mitchell

- Height: 182 cm

- Weight 105 kg

- Blood Type: O

- Occupation: Sheriff

- Hobby: Eating

- Special technique: Driving his patrol car

- Likes: Steak

- Dislikes: Troublesome things

The sheriff of the town Tougo and the others grew up in; he was also Celicia’s shooting instructor. His body and stature are both large, and his muscled nature makes him a reliable character. He’s often a pretty gentle man, but if he gets serious, he can snap necks at terrifying speeds. He’s been on good terms with Celicia and Tougo since back when their parents were still around. He would try calming Celicia down to stop her from causing trouble, but to no avail. Eventually, he introduced her to the world of firearms, and she stopped causing problems from then on. In Celicia’s eyes, George is someone she owes a great debt to.

“I’ll protect all of you guys.”

Rubber Man (A~C)/Rubber Woman

- Man A’s height: 170 cm

- Man B’s height: 175 cm

- Man C’s height 162 cm

- Woman’s Height: 170 cm

- Three Sizes: Bust 90 cm, Waist 58 cm, Hips 90 cm

They all wear special full body rubber suits and are equipped with gas masks. They were originally humans on earth, but because of the Closed GAME, they became sexually carnivorous zombies. The male versions can produce sperm at 30 times the normal rate of the average male, while the female version can store up to 2 liters of semen in her womb. The female version also has a special gimmick built in.

If the description of the interesting premise is not enough to wet your sex appetite for Closed GAME, you can also view a select few CGs from the game’s sex scenes down below as well as the game’s first trailer.

There are currently no plans to bring Empress’ newest game over to the West. However, considering JAST USA has recently picked up and published one of the company’s other popular titles, Starless: Nymphomaniacs’ Paradise, we sincerely hope Closed GAME will also catch their attention at some point.

Physical copies of Empress’ Closed GAME are now available for purchase at online outlets such as Getchu  and We will be sure to update you as soon as downloadable versions of the game become widely available.

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