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Developer of Euphorian Tides is Working on a New Game

Switch, the Scottish adult game developer best known for the text based game Euphorian Tides has new idea in the works. Announced via her tumblr account on January 25, she expressed her opinion on why she felt Euphorian Tides failed as a project. There was also an update on February 1, where she addressed a fan’s question, and fleshed out some of the ideas she had for her new game.

Switch expressed the opinion that during development of Euphorian Tides, she tried to reach all possible fetishes, leading to a lot of people being “turned-off” by the hardcore fetishes they disliked. For the new game, softcore will be the main basis featuring popular fetishes from a recently held poll. The new game will entail traps, futanari, demon girls, etc. Because it was a text based adventure, which most people she asked were apparently not a fan of. They preferred visual stimuli for their sexual gratification, so the new game will be in a visual novel format, with artwork always on screen.

Switch said that the scope of the project Euphorian Tide was impossible to complete. She didn’t put much planning into it, and had no end goal apart from updating it until it was good enough. With the new title, she is planning extensively before any actual development takes place. In order to fund the new game, she is relying on her patreon. She is putting up a detailed pitch where development will only commence once the minimum fund goal is released. she is also reaching out to her friends in the adult community to recommend her game to their fans. Marketing will be a main focus as well, actively taking community suggestions and posting in Q&A threads of related forums

The setting of the new game will be based around managing a trade ship within a revised version of the Euphorian Tide universe, focusing on only one continent. You will have to manage your business, questing across the region, hiring adventurers to fetch sellable treasures and equippable items found in dungeons. Your personal character won’t be viewable, apart from their genitals. You will adventure using three non-playable characters, passively controlling their actions as their stats and abilities are tested in random encounters.

The game will include a dating system alongside other main gameplay features, which will influence the story. One of the main NPCs, a succubus mage is planned to have the power to summon a futanari cock during sex scenes. The idea is to allow the player to decide what they want from her, though there will be certain characters that have dicks, and all romances and sex scenes will be optional.

A fan asked Switch a question regarding accessibility to the new game for non contributing fans. Switch replied to this question on the first of February, clarifying that the monthly game builds will only be available to Patreon supporters who pledge to a certain milestone. She is doing this to encourage pledges so development will be properly funded. She also implied she will be understanding if people take advantage of the “easy methods” to download without pledging.

The fetishes in the game will be softcore focused, at least for the first chapter. Some of the fun that’s planned includes bi, gay, and straight sex, including traps, futanari, demon girls, prostitution, and BDSM. Should any hardcore fetishes be included, they will be behind a wall of player confirmations to prevent people seeing what they dislike.

Euphorian Tides was quite an impressively written title, and it’s exciting that Switch is using it as a study in her next game of how to improve. If you want to keep up to date with her next project or comment, then follow us on Twitter, your one and only source for lewd, crude game news.

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