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Behind the Modding Scene - Interview with Vergil of Lustful Illumination

Modding has always been a huge part of the PC gaming community. Of course, a significant part of that community is kinky as Hell itself and doesn’t take kindly to video game characters having too many clothes on.

Today, at LewdGamer we are happy to have a veteran of the lewd modding craft, Vergil of lustful illumination, whose Dead or Alive 5 Last Round creations we have covered before extensively.

LewdGamer: Please introduce yourself to our readers in whatever capacity you like. We are aware you value your anonymity in the face of the public.

Vergil: Hey guys. I’m Vergil, and I am a 3D artist. I love to create nude mods and sensual games. I also have a stain on my pants, I think it is cheese. Damn it…

LewdGamer: Could you explain to us briefly how character model modding actually works and share some of the insights into the craft you have gained over the years?

Vergil: Sure. First you need to know which character you want to mod from a specific game. Then you need to find out if it is enough to modify the character just by changing the textures. Textures are the pictures that are applied on the model. They define the color and other details of it. If it’s just the textures, you can use tools such as uMod or the very old Texmod to get the textures out of the game, modify them and get them back in. If everything works, the progress of getting the textures out and in is very easy. If these tools don’t work at all or you need to not only change the textures—but also the appearance of the model itself, you need to find the archives where the models are saved in the installation folders of the game. It is much harder to get the models out of the archive because you need special tools for that job. For most of the games, you need different tools that are not even created if the game has been recently released. If you take a model out, you can alter it with a 3D application. You also need a script for that to open the model file in your application. Most of the time, the scripts are for ‘3ds Max’. After that creative process, it gets technical again. You need to save the file in its original game format and import it into the archive where you’ve found the model. If the game does not crash, you have done your work well.

I started to create texture mods with paint. That was long ago! I’ve also learned other 2D editing software to improve the quality of my work. That was the first way to make mods that I learned. The second was 3D painting. 3D painting is a great thing, because you don’t have to worry about the edge transitions of the model and its texture. You can concentrate more on the creative part of modding. 3D painting is like 2D painting, but you can swing your brush directly on the model and change the appearance of the textures with ease. No matter how many textures are applied to that model. After a long time nude-modding I finally found the ultimate technique that I was looking for. Nude-modding technique 3.0! I will however not tell you what it is since I want to keep it as a secret for as long as I can.

LewdGamer: What modding forums have you been a part of and is lewd modding the only kind of modding you enjoy?

Vergil: I’ve started to upload my nude mods in the forum of nudecreator.de. It was a German site, and it was all about nude mods. I loved this place. Mognoss the creator of nudecreator, became a good friend of mine. Sadly no one wants to manage the site anymore, and it remains offline. I’ve now fully switched to gamevixenzone.net shadows into games.

LewdGamer: What body parts do you like to work with the most when creating new textures or modifying the old? Are there any that give you a challenge?

Vergil: The bottom. A well-made ass increases the quality of a nude mod drastically, at least this is my opinion. I guess this is just a matter of taste.

Oh yes, there is a part that is a challenge to make it good. The primary genitals. It is a lot easier with my technique 3.0 but, it’s still the most difficult body part.

LewdGamer: A lot of potentially mod-able games have been coming out for the PC in recent weeks and months. Are you going to be taking a look at some of them? Say, Mortal Kombat X or Grand Theft Auto V?

Vergil: In fact I’ve bought GTA V to see if I can make some nude mods for it. I cannot use uMod to change the textures since GTA V uses DirectX 11 I believe, and uMod does not support that. Well, I think I will make a mod for it when there is a tool that lets you change the models, but only if I’m not too busy with creating my own game.

LewdGamer: Your site lustful illumination has gained a huge increase in traffic after some intense Internet press coverage, especially from Kotaku and other websites. How do you feel about suddenly getting such a huge boost in popularity and attention?

Vergil: It was a great experience to see that happen. On the other side, it was also a terrible thing to see my website die due to so many users. I could not provide my nude mods to all the people that wanted to download them anymore. My site is back again on a stronger server, so everything is okay now. The best thing about that is that many people sent me messages, telling me that they like my mods and want me to keep up the work. It is great to read that and very motivating. Thank you guys for your awesome feedback!

LewdGamer: You have mentioned that you are creating a lewd game yourself. How much game development experience do you have and what kind of title are you creating? Please tell us a bit about it.

Vergil: Ha I love it when you say lewd. Just because that’s a part of the name of your site. I’ve worked on a little ‘not lewd’ game just for fun. I’ve never released it. I’ve used all my self-learned 3D skills for that, but there is not much programming stuff in there. You can just walk around and look at the environment. After that, I started my first lewd game,  “Alone With Horny Aliens“. I’ve worked a lot to make the game this far. I’ve also worked alone on that project. I paused the development of AWHA to create a new exciting idea that my animator came up with. He also worked a bit on AWHA at the end of the process, but we’ve never released any of that content. We’ve now started to create Kalyskah: Vicious Seed. That should be similar to AWHA. It is a 3D Side-Scroller. The genre is hentai, Run or Rape, or how I like to call my erotic games, “action porn”. In Kalyskah: Vicious Seed you play as a female vampire. You will be attacked by different kinds of monsters. They will try to have sex with you. Depending on Kalyskah’s lust-level she will either try to resist or she will surrender. There is still much to work on that title since we are only in the early alpha version. I’m also alone again at the moment. My animator doesn’t have time to help me. This is why I’ve started the Patreon campaign. I want this project to be great and to finally finish a game that myself and other people—who like this kind of game, can enjoy a lot.

If there is anyone who wants me to help with the project of Kalyskah: Vicious Seed, feel free to write me a message via the contact tab on my website. I need character animators, environment artists, character artists, and programmers.

LewdGamer: What are your next erotic mods going to be? What else can we expect from lustful illumination and Vergil in the weeks to come?

Vergil: I don’t really have plans on any mods now, but if I can not resist making a certain mod, I will create it!

I will use all my time that I have to work on Kalyskah: Vicious Seed. If the Patreon campaign is a success, I will make a full-time job out of it. Making such games pleasures me even more than making nude mods.

LewdGamer: What advice would you give to anyone wanting to get into the modding scene lewd or otherwise?

Vergil: Since it can be a very difficult business, I advise everyone to start with little things. Don’t make things too complex, as it will only get you frustrated if it’s not going well. Certain games are easy to modify and usually have a big modding community like the Elder Scrolls franchise. I’m sure there are a lot of tutorials that could tell you how to modify those games. Games that are based on the Source Engine are also modder friendly.

Learn Photoshop, as it will not only help you with modding but also could give you the chance to get a job in a certain industry if you want that. Also very important is to have a good eye for colors. You have to see if the hue of the skin texture that you just made fits to the original skin hue. Same thing for brightness, saturation and so on. You also need to learn 3D applications if you want to modify the models of a game. Works great with the Elder Scrolls games that I’ve mentioned before. I advise you to learn 3ds Max. It is not only industry-relevant, it is also easier to learn then Maya in my opinion, but you would be better to decide this on your own. This is just my point of view.

LewdGamer: Lastly, to top off this interview, LewdGamer loves to inquire about people’s passions. Is there anything else you would like to add that’s outside the scope of our official questions? Absolutely anything!

Vergil: Yes, I like penguins.

LewdGamer: Don’t we all?

LewdGamer: We thank Vergil for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk to us and share his experience and knowledge about the fascinating scene that is lewd modding.

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