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Aselia the Eternal 3

Aselia the Eternal 3 Teased – in English!

A new entry in Xuse’s Aselia the Eternal series has recently been teased by developer Everlasting.  Will it live up to its predecessors?  Does the official website’s English display option indicate plans for an English release?

Rednal from the NISA forums tipped us off to a stealth announcement: a third chapter in the -Spirit of the Eternity Sword- series of story-centric SRPGs is being developed.  Furthermore, the official Japanese site has an English language option in the upper right corner, suggesting the game is being developed with the English market in mind. In the lower right corner of the website, a cheerful message from Orpha can be heard: “It’s a new game in the Eien no Aselia series! Has everyone been well? It’s me, Orpha! Orpha has a feeling she’ll be playing a big role again. Orpha can’t wait to see you!”

aselia the eternal language

Dengeki Hime has also covered the announcement. The translation reads as follows.

Title: New Testament Aselia the Eternal -The Spirit of Eternity Sword-

Brand: Xuse [Honjouzou]

Age restriction: Non-adult

Planning: Takase Naofumi

Character design: Hitomaru

Released in 2003, the charming other-world summoning game set in a fantasy setting, Aselia the Eternal is getting a reboot as New Testament Aselia the Eternal. Takase Naofumi (of Everlasting) is in charge of overall planning, Hitomaru is in charge of character design, and the main staff is the same as the original Eien no Aselia! They want to maintain and expand on the charm of the original in this full non-adult remake.

According to the official site, this will be the the third chapter of the Eternity Sword series. Takase will be using his doujinshi Aselia the Eternal -The Phantasmagoria Spirits Guide- as the basic story concept for the project, with some alterations. The site also has a drawing of the original character Aselia in addition to a new character, Roween Dina Rakios. What is the new Eien no Aselia story they’re making? What will be the connection to Seinarukana? We’re eagerly anticipating further details.

The Eternity Sword series centers on swords with special powers.  Based on their power, the swords are ranked in tiers from 10th (weakest) to 1st (strongest), with high-ranking swords possessing a will of their own.  For example: after first being summoned into another world, Aselia the Eternal’s protagonist Yuuto wields the 4th ranked sword “Desire”, and main heroine Aselia wields the 7th ranked “Existence”–both of which are quite powerful.  Higher ranks than 1st also exist, including the Cosmic Balancers Heaven, Earth, and Scabbard.

Everlasting appears to have recruited members from the original Aselia team to work on the project, which is promising. The voice on Everlasting’s page does sound exactly like Orpha’s, so they may have gotten the original voice actors on board as well.  However, the English version of the page has very noticeable grammatical errors, which means JAST is likely not involved.  My guess is that this company is targeting a Steam release, likely independent of an English publisher, which raises the possibility that the translation could end up badly botched like If my Heart had Wings. It’s disappointing that there appears to be no plans for an adult version, especially since the previous two games in the series were originally adult titles.

JAST USA has released the non-adult version of Aselia the Eternal in English, and the adult sequel Seinarukana is slated for release in November 2015.

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  • naz92

    This is a surprising news. Here I thought the Eternal Sword series has died off because of Eternal. Now, you’re telling me that not only there will be a third game of the series but the first game is getting a remake as well?

    Also, is Everlasting a new studio of a subsidiary or something? I have never heard of it.

    But this game will be all-ages. Kind of sad but I hope they make an adult version as well.

    And a character named Roween Dina Rakios? Either she is the founder of Rakios of 1st ENA game or she is a descendant of Lesteena that becomes an Etranger. Betting on the latter.

    Say sanahtlig, will you also be looking into Hoshizora no Babylon -Semarikuru Cosmic Sukebe Onee-sans- by One-up? I notice there is gameplay in it. Nothing too big but it looks like Square grid strategy games.

    • naz92

      Huh, apparently this has been hinted since Comiket 87. Here is the hint about the third story.

      The girl said about Eien no Aselia chapter 3 along with with the producer being Takase Naofumi.

      So it went under the radar for a while.

      • I don’t make a point of following Japanese eroge news (if it’s not a game released or soon to be released in Japanese, I generally don’t care). I took an interest here because I’m a fan of series, the series has been released in English previously, and they have an English site for it already even though the game is still in the planning stages. It just so happened that even though I stumbled across this news quite late, no one else had actually publicized it to the English fanbase.

    • The mention of “remake” in the Dengeki Hime article confused me, and I’m not sure what to make of it. For the time being, I’m not assuming there’s plans for a remake of the original Eien no Aselia.

      I’ve never heard of Everlasting either. That’s why I was skeptical when I first heard of this announcement. Since they have many of the original team working on this title, the chances of this turning out well rise significantly.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if this new character had a connection to Lesteena.

      I looked up Hoshizora no Babylon just now. Big breast genre so not intereste–I mean, this developer doesn’t have any highly rated titles on EGS, and the listing on Getchu doesn’t even mention gameplay. My guess is that this isn’t a gameplay-focused title. And then there’s the big breast factor going against it.