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Peach paizuri by Neocoil

Lewd Spotlight – NeoCoill

It's Ero Time!

Is it possible to have a quality adult game without some decent art direction? I don’t think so. Some of the best games since the start of gaming—lewd or not, have fantastic art styles that make the title come to life. This kind of artistic attention to detail assists games in becoming truly memorable and tend to make them superb to see.

While creative specialists of this nature are often overlooked in mainstream gaming; I noticed that in the pits of degeneracy, talented artists are far more appreciated. Good art in porn games doesn’t just sweeten the deal, but it can serve as a means to truly tie in the entire package while you fap. I can find it quite a turn off if a dick just so happens to not look right while it’s ravishing my favorite heroine (or hero if you prefer).

But you know that’s just me.

Speaking of talented degenerates, how about we get to the point? LewdGamer presents its first featured artist: NeoCoill—an adult artist that can’t seem to stop himself from ruining your childhood innocence one image at a time.

Midna Legend Of Zelda rule34 NeoCoil

Q: So what inspired you to get into drawing naughty artwork?

A: It just happened naturally. Anyone who enjoys both sex and drawing will probably end up drawing some naughty stuff sooner or later, unless they are very religious or something like that.

Q: Do you remember your first experience drawing porn?

A: Soon as I popped out my mother’s cunt I ripped my umbilical cord off and started making some nice gouache hentai on the floor.
Not really though, it was probably back when I first started drawing as a teen, can’t remember any details.

Q: What is the most challenging part of your drawing process?

A: Every step is complicated in its own way, so it’s hard to point to one part in particular. At the moment the most annoying part for me is the construction phase, building a really solid figure that makes sense in 3D (without bullshitting anything) is really challenging, and even though I would like to think that I’m doing alright in this area there is always some refining to do.

Q: What is your favorite videogame related character to make rule34 of?

A: At the moment it’s a tie between Midna and Princess Peach.

Q: Are you interested in adult game development?

A: Yeah, I’ve tried a few western and Japanese eroges which have given me a couple of ideas that I would like to explore. Once I get enough free time for it I would like to sit down, learn some programming and give it a go.

Q: I know that you have faced issues with people taking your page down, why do you think adult artist are not treated with much respect?

A: Even though I haven’t had many bad experiences, I believe that it’s all due to the baggage western culture still carries from our more puritanical past. This baggage manifests itself in services like PayPal that still has terms against “obscene material” or in the infamous Japanese obscenity law that allows you to make an illustration of a man being decapitated gruesomely without any problem, but for the love of God put a mosaic on that dick, you disgusting degenerate.
tl;dr: the world still has some growing up to do.

Q: If you had to pick one, Princess Peach or Rosalina?

A: Princess Peach.

Princess Rosalina Rule 34 NeoCoil

You can follow and check out more of NeoCoill’s work on his Tumblr page, Twitter, Hentai-Foundry and Pixiv. We plan on having features and interviews with more artist in the future and even some cosplay on the side. Make sure to follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep up to date with our latest news.

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  • nightsavior

    Beautiful art! Good colors,cute facial expressions,and a nice “soft tone” with the shading. Another ironic thing I notice as an erotic artist is “smutty art” becomes “high art” over time. Aka, Greece’s erotic stone carved murals depicting orgies & stuff of a similar vein pretty much have “classic” status today. Seems ironic that given enough time art snobs go from “That’s degenerate!” to “That’s so great!”.100 years from now I wonder what people will be saying about the ero-artists of now?

    Regardless, I think it takes more talent to illustrate or paint well than say fling around poo & menstrual blood while squawking like some sort of obscene bird. To this day I don’t get the appeal of obscene performance art other than simply seeing someone make an ass of themselves. I mean I guess that takes a certain amount of courage but usually the “end result” of this kind of genre is pretentious & sub-par. Perhaps this is also why I hate the argument games should be more like special indie art-house films. It’s as if “being fun” or “creating something visually pleasing” just isn’t enough for the hipster scene!